Yooshi Meme Token

Get Ready for the YOOSHI CRAZE!!

Dogs, Cats, Planets, Moons and now...

YOOSHI TOKEN : Where to buy


This really cute little green dinosaur is taking the meme world by storm!! Could this be the next Shiba? Hard to say, but with what seems to be the CEO of Hotbit behind the token, anything could happen.

Like NFTs? Auctions and Blind Sales? Yooshi has that and more.

The platform is great. Simple and fun and easy to use. The app has a fun UI and great staking features.

Noticed I mentioned fun? It is fun. My two youngest girls love it and I have to admit, I love it too.

Great way to make some serious returns on small investments in NFT trading.


Yooshi is another community driven token, like the many before it and I'm sure the 20 more that will published by the time you're done reading this article, but YOOSHI has some serious backing behind it, if what seems to be true is in fact true.

Did the CEO of Hotbit create this meme coin?

Quite possibly yes. Yes he did. Mayyyyybe...

So why this dinosaur and why now?

I Have Absolutely No Idea!!

The truth is, who really knows why this token is going crazy? Especially now, during such harsh market conditions, but here we are and another meme coin comes out and starts getting a ton of attention. In fact, it has gained a tremendous amount of traction and wallet holders are growing rapidly. Very rapidly.

YOOSHI TOKEN : Where to buy

The question is, should you invest?

Meme coins are making people wealthy and the buy in price tags are very appealing. How else can you scoop up 200 Billion of a coin and just wait for the zeros to start vanishing and make 200k? Meme coins are doing just that for people and its growing in popularity. Quickly. 

While these types of investments normally pump and dump, Yooshi on the other hand is a concept developed by one of the CEOs of a major exchange and that opens up a huge amount of opportunities for this meme coin. Meaning, profitability seen with other meme coins is very likely, but there are never any guarantees. 

YOOSHI looks as if it is on that same path as Shiba was but with a larger amount of exposure and a little added twist of security and ecosystem. IF in fact the CEO of Hotbit actually launched YOOSHI. (Hint: He seems to have) You should expect faster development and the project has seen that and more.

These factors are obviously a few of the reasons people are scooping this one up.

Since launch, YOOSHI has been very busy with development of its platform. It is still very early though, you still have time to join and take part. In other words, You can still get in on some sweet cheap YOOSHI tokens and Yooshi NFTs now, if you hurry.

This is not financial advice. Everything in this article is meant for entertainment purposes only and not to be considered financial advice. Always consult a financial advisor before investing in any financial investment. 

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