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I really love to try applications that offers you to earn while sharing your daily tasks and hobbies. Sharing posts that will make your day motivated. So in this article I will share what is Tweebaa Platform.

What is Tweebaa?

Tweebaa is the 1st social exchange, multi - dimensional earning platform. It allows you to communicate to other users using messaging, voice-calling, buy and sell of products and post your daily activities. Just like Facebook, users keep in touch with their loved ones and to meet other people but unlike other social media platform, Tweebaa will earn you money while communicating. In Tweebaa you can be a seller, buyer, influencer or a business. You can earn while liking, commenting, posting and sharing posts. Also you can buy and sell your digital products all over the world.


Tweebaa Provides

  • Social network platform. Allows users to earn and create and realize value.
  • Value things such as life experiences, hobbies and interests.
  • Discover the ways to make a living


Tweebaa Ecosystem

  • Product Suggestion
    You can a suggest a product to Tweebaa that you think will sell on its platform.
  • Showroom Products Selling
    If you signed up to Tweebaa you will automatically have Tycoonplace. A place where you can sell your products.
  • Selling Own Products
    It doesn't matter whether you are a owner or what as long you have items to sell on Tycoonplace you can sell them
  • Evaluating products
    If you suggest a product, Tycoons will evaluate it in a few minutes. You'll answer a few questions with a Yes/No answer. You can also evaluate other products, the more you evaluate, the more earnings you have.
  • Inviting Friends
    You will have your own unique code to invite your friends in the platform and you will earn 5% of the products they sell.
  • Inventing Products
    Tweebaa will help you develop your invention; cost, drawings, design etc. It will be listed in Presale if the product is ready



A place where the products sold in advance before it released in Tycoonplace.


A place showcasing your products to sell around the world.


Tweebaa Influencer

Your skills, hobbies and interests can be converted into digital products. For example, you have tips how to make 15 minute home made pizza. You can sell it as a product. At the end of the month, your earnings (TiV) can be converted to Tweebucks.


Tweebaa Influence Value is the value you receive on your engagement in the platform. TiV points can be liking, commenting, sharing or simply logging in the app.


Tweebucks is used for buy and sell products in the app. You can trade your TiV points to Tweebucks available only in the app. 1 Tweebuck = $0.10


Meet the Tweebaa CEO

“I believe the strength of the individual has no bounds and that anyone, given the proper tools, can launch an enterprise. Our mission at Tweebaa is to provide a platform to empower you to create your own business within your social network.”
Margaret Wang

Margaret Wang. In 2011, developed Tweebaa to recognized their value such as talents and contribution. She just started in $5,000 and building a business and earned $8Million turnover.


Tweebaa Team
  • Margaret Wang - CEO/Founder
  • Kevin Harrington - Marketing Executive
  • Steve C. Rockefeller Jr. - Executive
  • Theresa Pope - Global Operations
  • Denis O’Brien - Director/Producer
  • Ian Clark - Executive on Supply Chain Management
Media Tweebaa featured
  • Morning News
  • Street Insider
  • Daily Herald



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