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By Ken Minchie | Mische | 1 Aug 2020


We are excited to develop an article that we know other writers are not discussing very much at the moment. This is where our article evolves today. We are going to tackle about Rapids Network.

What is Rapids Network?

RapidsNetwork is a cryptocurrency project utilizing social media networks for every transactions. The Rapids platform facilitates the sending,gifting and sharing. Rapids Network is focused on providing good service to each of its users as well as there customers.

What the Rapids Network has to offer?

RapidsNetwork Wallet - has the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency payments across social media platforms via its LinkShare technology. Rapids Network Wallet supports Desktop, Android,and iOS. It is also downloadable software for conventional operating systems that facilitate secure storage,sending, receiving,staking,and masternode support.

In the next column we will guide you on how to create your first Rapids Wallet in just 3-5 minutes of work.We all know that most of today uses Android device for our online activities for the reason that its very convenient to use.

How to create Rapids Wallet on Android?

  • Download Rapids Wallet on Playstore 
  • Open the application and you will see the "Create new wallet" option as shown in the picture below


  • If you already have a wallet you can also click on " Import Wallet " option 
  • After you have click on the Create new wallet option, you will the 12 unique words
  • Copy the 12 unique words into a piece of paper and keep it in a secure place that no can have access to it.
  • Next create you strong password consist of big letters,small letters,numbers and special characters (e.g. abNt≤@56nt) in this method you have strong password created
  • After creating your password you are prompt to login and also the Rapids Network will send you a login code to access your wallet.
  • When you have input the code then you're all set to use your Rapids Wallet. See sample photo below



The 12 unique words is your " Seed Phrase " and it is very important because it will be your gateway when something went wrong with your device in the future. Do not store your Seed Phrases online like Facebook, Email, or Twitter because it is prone to get hack someday. Better store it in your security vault inside your home where only you have an access.

Earn RPD Token - users can earn RPD Token by means of staking. Rapids Network offers an attractive opportunity to generate a passive income. Stake using Desktop Wallet and set up your own Masternode

Masternodes Host and Pools

  • Rapids Host - the masternode installation process is fully automated and user friendly. It takes only a few clicks to activate a masternode.
  • StakeCube - the predominant crypto ecosystem.
  • StakingLabs - offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake coins,masternode coins and other relevant services
  • Evonodes - features the fastest compounding of coins in the industry

Ambassador Program 

Rapids Network currently has an Ambassador Program where they need someone to represent them in other country. This is one way to further increase the importance and market the Rapids Network Ecosystem. It also aims to introduce the Rapids Network project to the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.The perks of being a Rapids Network Ambassador is based on performance and participation of your own community. 

Rapids Network Partners

⚕️TOUR DE CRYPTO - is th first annual cycling road trip to raise cryptocurrency awareness for charity

⚕️SWFT BLOCKCHAIN - instant cross-chain swaps and payments for over 200 cryptocurrencies

⚕️️METRIX - a complete flexible, easily scalable digital asset than can be used in a multitude of application

⚕️️AIRCOINS - merging cryptocurrency with mobile gaming,augmented reality and digital advertising

⚕️️MAZER - professional reports and entertainment organization

Rapids Network Integration

♻️ PolisPay - secure wallet that allows users to buy crypto and gift cards using Debit Card

♻️SwirlPay - decentralized peer-to-peer payment gateway 

♻️ Cryptocurrency Checkout - accepts multiple cryptocurrencies fast and easy 

♻️FlitsWallet - first passive income application combining wallets, masternode,and staking


The Team Behind Rapids Network

Rapids Network is made up of smart and hardworking people. They are the people who give life to the Rapids Network Ecosystem.

Rapids Network Background

Founded: 2018

Industry: Internet

Company Size: 11-50 Employees

Rapids Network Social Media Accounts







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Rapids Network Twitter


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