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By Ken Minchie | Mische | 28 Jul 2020


Many cryptocurrency exchanges are floating, some are new in the field of industry. It has been around for a long time and is stable. As a crypto enthusiast, we prefer to choose a more stable crypto currency exchange where it is user friendly and trustworthy. During our 3 years of venture into the cryptocurrency industry, we have encountered crypto exchanges that are not pleasant to use so we researched well to find a good platform so that we can properly trade our cryto assets This is where our topic today focuses,and let's begin.

OKEx Exchange

 OKEx Exchange is a world's leading cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology. OKEx is based in Belize,and it's main operation hub was located in Hongkong. Okex supports almost hundreds of crypto assets and crypto projects so that they can provide proper care and satisfaction to every member of their platform. 

OKEx believes the blockchain technology will eliminate barriers to transactions across society and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy.


🖌️Go to okex.com and register to get started. It will ask you to enter your email,or contact number for you to start.

🖌️Input your email address and create a strong password to protect your account. Take a look at the screen shot below


🖌️You can also use your contact number to sign up on the platform

🖌️After signing up you can setup your profile to start trading your asset

🖌️By creating an OKEx account you have agreed in their terms and condition.

Take note that OKEx is also asking for "Know Your Customer"or KYC to avoid multi and fake account to protect the exchange platform from fraudster.

Okex has a lot to offer, from good platform to education and knowledge they share with their customer for free.


  • OKEx Academy here you will find all the guidelines on how to get started with the OKEx Exchange. It has a video tutorial so that each user can better understand what they will do as they begin their journey in the field of trading.
  • OKEx Pool  this is the mining service of OKEx . It applies the leading technology, effectively preventing various attack and maintaining stable operation of the mining service with unique mining pool architecture. It's service is absolutely transparent and,stable and safe.8520219e006df7b13e63d02239db8e58f6731315c54e87bcedcfdd90e6fcd95c.jpeg
  • OKEx Cloud - it helps building your exchange fast and secure.OKEx Cloud share OKEx's core technologies, including the matching system,hot and cold wallets,asset settlement system,so that traders can enjoy safe and secured trading ecosystem. It also have 24/7 global help support for all technical issues that the users and customer encounter using the platform.
  • OKB - is the global utility token issued by OK BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION , and one of the most fundamental infrastructure of OKEx trading platform.
  • OKChain - it is a set of open source blockchain project s develop to promote the landing of large-scale commercial applications based on blockchain technology.


Jay Hao - OKEx CEO, he is also a Chief Service Officer, Blockchain Evangelist.

Olivia Capozzalo - Head of Content 

Benson Yan Leung - OKEx Listing Manager

Leo Chang  OKEx Global Manager

Lennix Lai - Director of  Financial Markets of OKEx


OKEx Partners

💢 COINALL- a leading digital asset exchange

💢 99EX - an innovative digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology applicatios, dedicated to provide security stability and reliability of digital asset

💢 FloatSV - is the leading BSV focused digital asset exchange dedicated to trading BITCOIN and tokenized assets on top.

💢 Paxful - people powered marketplace for money transfer, anytime, anywhere

💢 Action Crypto Signal -is the most recent partners of OKEx Exchange

Ecosystem Partners of OKB

💠 Ledger Vault

💠 Bitpie

💠 Q Wallet


💠 Alchemy

💠 Machi X

💠 Dapp Pocket

💠 Kan

💠 Cobo


💠 Cool Wallet

💠 BetProtocol

OKEx Trading Options

⚜️ Spot Trading - trading from crypto to crypto

⚜️ Margin Trading - increasing profit and risk by leverage

⚜️ DEX Trading - decentralized exchange based on OKChain

⚜️ Perpetual Swap - easy to trade max 100x leverage


⚜️ Futures - hedge or profit from long or short positions

⚜️ Option Trading - unlimited reward with limited risk

They say that a business will not prosper if it has a weak relationship with their customer, so OKEx CEO Jay Hao says during his interview with Cointelegrah interview

Customer service is crucially important. After all the customer is the king. Without customer's feedback or suggestions,we would miss the a lot of things. 



OKEx Twitter



SmartCryptoNews1 Official Twitter



Telegram Channel

Telegram Group

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