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Cryptohopper Trading Bot - How To Setup Account Part 2

Setup Cryptohopper Bot

Hi guys and welcome to Part 2 of the Cryptohopper tutorial.

You can access the introduction to Cryptohopper here. And the Cryptohopper setup account Part 1 here.

I would really appreciate if you sign up on Cryptohopper or any other exchange with my refferal links, that way you will help me bring better content you you. Thank you!



My Discord Channel to talk or ask questions:

Just be sure that i do not offer financial advice and any mistake can be made. Be sure to put into only your money that you afford to lose.

If you want the Cryptohopper to make maximum $ for you you need 3 things that you also need to BUY from the Cryptohopper Marketplace.

1. Template

2. Strategy

3. Cryptosignals

Every step of the above require for you to SPEND EXTRA MONEY, and often the TEMPLATE is the MOST EXPENSIVE. Well i am going to help you setup your Cryptohopper so that YOU WONT NEED TO PAY for the Template. In this part 2 of the tutorial i will cover the TEMPLATE, in the next tutorials we will talk more about the latter, also don't forget to contact me on Discord if you have any issues, the channel is new and trying to build a community there, so it helps a lot to register the links i specified in the beginning of this article.

So let's start with the settings, i assume that you have connected Binance or other exchange to your hopper like i was telling you in the previous tutorial.

We will setup the hopper so that you will win around 1-1.5% for every trade, that is called Scalping, so there are very low chances to remain with bags of coins for a long time if something wrong happens with the market (in case bitcoin goes down, usually all alts do).

Go to Config -> Baseconfig REMEMBER - The settings have been tested and are recommended by me, if you want to enter other values you can do it but the final results will be different, you are free to test and experiment :)


Name: Give your hopper a Name
Live bot: If you want your hopper to actively buy and sell: On


Paper trading: You can simulate trading if on, otherwise if you want the hopper to use real money on your exchange choose Off
Exchange: Your exchange where trading will happen + Api keys (found out how to get your api keys in Part 1)
Use ticker rate: Always use the market rates so the trading happens fast use this setting Highest bid/Lower ask

Notifications: Select which notifications you would like to receive.


Buy Settings:

- Order type - Limit - Place an order, do not choose Market
- Percentage Bid - Place an order with this percentage lower or higher than the current price of coin - 0.175 Lower
- Max open time buy - Minutes before order is cancelled - 5
- Max open positions - Maximum number of investments or positions your hopper can have at the same time - 80
- Max percentage open positions per coin - 0.5, this + the above setting will allow only 1 position per coin, so that the hopper wont buy the same coin multiple times and let you lose money
- Enable cooldown - blocks the hopper to make another buy at the same coin after an event - ONLY AFTER SELLS - 2 HOURS
- Only 1 open buy order per coin - Enable

Coins and Amounts:

Base currency: Please choose a stable coin, otherwise you will have a very bad experience, if you want bitcoin, choose stable coin and after you make profit you can buy with it bitcoin or any other coin you want - USDT
Allowed coins: you can select a limited number of coins depending on your Cryptohopper Subscription, we will recommend the coins for the Hero hopper: BNB, NEO, LTC, QTUM, ADA, EOS, IOTA, XLM, ONT, ETC, ICX, VET, LINK, WAVES, ZIL, ZRX, BAT, ZEC, DASH, NANO, OMG, ENJ, MATIC, ATOM, ONE, ALGO, DOGE, BAND, XTZ, RVN, HBAR, BCH, SOL, KNC, REP, COMP, ZEN, VTHO, MKR, STORJ, MANA, EGLD, UNI, OXT, HNT
Percentage buy amount: - percentage from your total USDT that you want to allocate for each order - 1.2
Minimum USDT amount per order: 12 - remember to enter a sum larger than 10 as on Binance you must buy at least 10$ for an order to execute so its better to be safe and enter something close


Strategy: we will talk more about this in a later tutorial but for now choose Multiple TA factors, you will need something else for this to work as it should but you can test your settings with this strategy.
Number of targets to buy: 10, keep this at 10 for the hopper to buy all that he finds to be best

Trailing stop-buy Disable - you don't want that

Now this is finally over lets head to the selling part. Please don't forget to like this article :) Thank you.


Take profit at: 4.4 - when the coin gets this percentage over your buy value - sell
Order type: Limit
Max open time sell: 5 - the order will remain on this minutes until is cancelled
Percentage ask: 0.05 Higher - place the sell order this percentage higher than the current market price

Sell strategy:
Sell based on strategy: OFF - you want to sell on a percentage level not on the strategy where you could sell on a loss
Hold asset when new target is the same: ON - will not sell if the strategy tells that it should buy again

Stop-loss: DISABLED


Trailing stop-loss: this is VERY IMPORTANT
Enable: On
Trailing stop-loss percentage: 0.5 if the percentage lowers with this amount sell immediately 
Arm trailing stop-loss at - 1.5 your hopper will try to sell when it hits this

So from the 2 settings above you will sell at minimum 1% profit: 1.5-0.5 but there are cases when a coin PUMP and gets to lets say 10 percent, then if the coins drops right away because of a DUMP you will sell at 9.5% profit (10-0.5) even if you have 1.5 on settings.

Use trailing stop-loss only: ON
Reset stop-loss after failed orders: OFF
Only sell with profit: ONObvious

Auto-close: Disabled
Shorting settings: everything DISABLED

Dollar cost Averaging (DCA) - DCA is like this: when you buy a coin, and the market goes down unexpected, the hopper will buy again that coin with double-triple the amount you bought the first time so that in the end you end up with profit

Order type:
DCA after X time open:
after 3 hours
DCA max retries:
4 maximum orders for 1 coin
DCA set percentage trigger:
6 percentage when the coin goes down to trigger the DCA
DCA buy immediately:
DCA order size:
Double Down

So that ends our settings that saves you big bucks on Cryptohopper, in the next tutorials i will let you know about strategies and signals, which are the best choices.

Thanks again for bearing with me this long article and dont forget to follow and like this and also register with the following links if you haven't already.

See you next time.



My Discord Channel to talk or ask questions:

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