What alternatives to Youtube? Odysee among other DVP

What alternatives to Youtube? Odysee among other DVP

By MikeZillo | Smart Crypto Investing | 2 Sep 2021

DVP, Decentralized Video Platform are now at their most request and usage. Censorship has reached levels difficultly bearable.

On Youtube, several cases where contents about cryptocurrencies, contents against vaccines and many scientific researches just disappeared. They were censored. Authors tried to complain and react against this restriction, giving proofs about what they were telling but nothing changed.

This is one of the reason why I chose to go and synchronize my Youtube channel, that I am posting here beneath, with an Odysee account.

So, I will keep posting my contents on Youtube, BUT, on Odysee you will earn money for watching videos. Like on Publish0x, where you can earn cryptocurrenceis to read articles. Doesn’t sound more intelligent?

So what are you expecting to join me on Odysee and starting to earn money by viewing videos? Of course you will still find me as “Mike Zillo: The smart crypto investor”.

You can have a look to mine, but I saw that also @thedesertlynx has its own channel and we are already two Content Creators that landed onto Odysee! You must check us out and support us! And who knows: maybe one day, a partnership between Publish0x and Odysee will make joint contest and more available!

What do you think @IgorTomic?

Decentralizde platforms are more and more necessary.

A few days ago a dear friend of mine told me that Facebook censored the following image:


Source: https://www.studiofavari.com/2020/05/01/dpcm-norme-direttive-ecc-capire-la-giungla-delle-leggi/

The image says that the following laws are from the strongest to the weakest: Constitution, European laws, Ordinary laws, Regional laws, Rules from executives, Habits.

Well, yes, it’s in Italian but it’s just a simple representation of the hierarchy of the laws and the institutions in Italy. I guess that in all countries a similar hierarchy exists. Nothing new under the Sun, as someone very famous once said.

Anyway, the message that my friend got was the following:


Still, it is in Italian BUT the sense is that the message he posted was not suitable for the community’s guidelines and SO the message was hidden to the community and was only visible to the owner of the comment. Afterwards he got the warning message: “The next time you will be sharing something for free thinkers and something that will help people opening their mind, your account may suffer restrictions”.

Wait: what?

A person that publishes a normal hierarchy of the laws in a country, mentioning directly a consulting firm that created that image for the purpose of an immediate understanding of the matter…cannot be published.

He was not saying anything in favour or against vaccines. He was not making comments about the political situation in Afghanistan. He was not denigrating Paralympic athletes.

So, what is all this s**t about?

This is one of the reason I love Publish0x. Offensive comments are banned, scammers contents are banned but a real information can be made. There are a lot of people to dialogite with, to chat with, to share thoughts with.

It’s not a matter of censorship, it’s a matter of improvement of the environment we live in, having the chance to get in touch with other people that may think in a similar way.

This is one of the reasons why I chose to go for Odysee. I am not saying that I will look for censorship. I am just saying that I will try to match more dots with more deep videos that I am not sure I will publish on Youtube.

Anyway, I thought that moving my contents there could be a way to support this growing start-up.

Come and join us here, on Odysee!

A let me know in the comments what do you think about this censorship and how you are avoiding it. I do not like the word “fighting censorship” since what we fight gains power against us.
We can avoid it. We can be like water: it can be dammed but it will look for another path. It can be blocked, but NOT forever since gutta cavat lapidem (drop excavate the stone)

Let me know your thoughts and feelings!


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