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Tornado Cash: the first example of retaliation?

By MikeZillo | Smart Crypto Investing | 15 Aug 2022

News of the past week!


In USA, coding can be compared to a speech or a language and suppressing it, can be compared to violation of the first Amendment, about the Freedom of Speech. Plus, a smart contract is simply a code: Tornado was used to send money to war-zones, to fund activists and it has been also used for other malicious actions like North Korea's hackers.
So, arresting the developer, in my honest and humble opinion, is an attempt to scary the next developers that will try to create more tools for democratic usages and for financial independence.

They have likely manipulated the market. And so, what do the banks and other institutionals do every day?


The last Merge attempt has gone fine onto the Goerli testnet. Now, everything seems really ready for the definitive PoS switch. Only one month left, and we will see!


After years of supporting Algorand because of its convalidation method, the pure Proof of Stake, and after becoming Algorand AmbassadorΒΒ Algorand Blockchain is recognized to be across the most environment-friendly.
So glad to got into the market when almost nobody was talking of it, and for having brought applications to the Algorand Blockchain.


New rules for stolen NFTs. It happened to me to buy a stolen NFT which a few days later was blocked from trading on the platform. OpenSea said the only way to unblock it was for the complainant to email them to unblock it. Scandalously, a buyer unaware of having taken a previously stolen NFT is penalized him and not the thief !!!
I think that even the confusion of Istanbul Gran Bazar is more democratic, since this centralization is a real limitation of what should happen.


Lazio is the first Italian Soccer team to give the chance of purchasing match tickets with NFTs! Everything powered by Binance!

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Smart Crypto Investing

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