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My Blogging journey

By MikeZillo | Smart Crypto Investing | 16 Aug 2022

I started writing blog articles back in 2016.

I have never been a full time blogger and the first time they asked me to write articles my answer was like “hey, I am an engineer and all of my grammar teacher throughout the schools told me that I was not a brilliant writer”. And well, now blogging pays my monthly bills.

Anyway, I started enjoying blogging because if felt like sharing my ideas helping other people and creating collaborations.

At the very beginning I was simply making some messed articles about speculative attempts I was doing. They were more numbers put together trying to explain what I was doing and trying to sell some digital course, but it did not worked very well.
The year after, in 2017, I started writing onto an Italian website talking about liquid entrepreneurship, where topics were Real Estate, Financial Trading, Betting Exchange and Cryptocurrencies. Yes, I started writing about cryptocurrencies there, and here it is my very first article about cryptocurrencies. It was written in Italian, back in November 2017 and well, nothing much: I was simply explaining that Bitcoin was beating its ATH.


I also got one comment!

After some months, Eros and Alberto joined my efforts of making cryptocurrencies wide-spread and I taught them what I had learnt so far about blogging. They started onto I estimate that the three of us have written more than 200.000 words in a couple of years for Not a lot, not a few. But I am not a professional blogger. I am a full time entrepreneur and a free-time passionate blogger, that writes what he thinks and what he thinks that people should think about.

My English blogging started with Publish0x, during the pandemic, because they represent a huge crypto-community and we could potentially blog for people that were fully aware of what we were writing with the chance for mutual collaborations. And that’s what happened! I enjoyed tech conversations, getting deep into specific topics where I am particularly expert in. This below was my first article. You can still see it from this link .


On 28th September I started writing on Publish0x with Eros and I am very happy to of such decision, because in Publish0x we found a lot of great people and a great support from Publish0x team, especially @igort .

I have been publishing on Publish0x ever since, taking part into contests, bringing new users to the platform and creating more and more English contents. I also once published a song to take part into a contest, the “Harvest Finance Song” that awarded me a third place. And yes, there are still people remembering the melody :D .

The results I achieved on Publish0x has been quite substantial, reaching 2500 followers in slightly more than one year and a half. And this achieved target made me thinking of how much work, efforts and results we made so far. And how much space I still have.
Through Publish we had the chance of writing articles for (and not “about”) Hodlnaut, PrimeXBT, BitYard, and Koinly. It has been a great honour receiving the chance to write for such big companies.

At the end of the Last year, 2021, I decided to give a try to Hive.Blog and, two other platforms where I saw a lot of crypto topics going on and that’s when I decided to start my journey there and to involve Alessandro, another guy that is actively helping with the blogging activities together with Eros.


My journey on Hive started like a bet, like a funny attempt and as a Red Fish but it’s been involving and there the threshold of 500HP has passed. That is quite a great result to be accomplished into few months of writing.


The Red Fish, the basic grade from which everybody starts on Hive.Blog

Soon, I decided to abandon since the total audience size and the interactions did not provide enough quality and substance. It has been school to me and I decided to focus the energies of the team towards what had more potential.

After a good impact I made on Publish0x, and a growing impact on Hive.Blog, I decided to go and confront myself with companies and other big players of the market that are writing on Medium that is currently the biggest blogging platform in the world. Medium is not thematic onto cryptocurrencies, so I am going to give a more introductory approach to readers while here, I try to give my best to the crypto-community.
I am a Medium member since 2018 because I found good contents there: usually synthetic and pragmatic. There, I also reached the first important target: first 100 followers. Operations on Medium have started from April 2022, I think we are getting hit there too. We are also undertaking a new editorial style, more practical, with concrete examples on real worth projects to be followed and discovered, and other projects to be carefully avoided.

So, what do I (and ‘can you’) expect from this blogging journey?

Contents will be kept spread across different platforms and I am suggesting you to come and visit us also on Hive ( ) and Medium (

My goal is to create a brand that:

  • builds awareness of financial aspects for people that are completely entry-level in that.
  • Explains Cryptocurrency potential as a tool for speculation and democracy
  • Share very promising new projects that you may have ever heard about
  • My direct experience into different projects I am bringing to the market
  • Share bio-hacks I use to keep my productivity at high levels and my body in good shape even if I had to give up the sport I have been practising at agonistic levels for 12 years.

Contents will be sometimes different across platforms and most of them will be cross-posted. I suggest you to come and visit us into different platforms, since you will notice different forms of interactions and different types of comments. You will be able to interact with different people and different communities. You may even find more people from your country with the same passions of yours.

Besides, for a third party, we have actively contributed to the development of an automatic trading strategy. We will not directly put it into commerce, but we will use it as well.
We will post all the official announcements only on Medium, just to brag a little bit like the big companies usually do. So make sure to follow us there to stay updated when the release date will be disclosed.

Here is a results so far


Trading Fighters Indicator on a Timeframe of 30’


Trading Fighters Indicator on a Timeframe of 2H


Trading Fighters Indicator on a Timeframe of 1D

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