How to Earn Crypto without Killing Faucet Time

BC games gives you the opportunity to earn up to 1BTC and other cryptocurrencies by just spinning the wheel once every 24 hours. People win everyday. No need to invest, just spin the wheel and then log out. My experience is that I have won most of their proprietary coins called JB. But I have also won EOS, TRX, ETH and other cryptos that are withdrawable immediately as well as tradable. If you want to use BC game to increase your earnings I recommend you start with a small amount and use the Crash game with the martingale script and let it run. Still monitor but it is profitable to about 85%.   It actually works pretty well, of course I was skeptical about the script initially, but seeing it work, it is fantabulous. You won't get rich from using it but it will certainly buy you a hamburger or at least fish and chips. I even go to sleep and leave it. LOL. I earned 0.002 EOS each day  just from logging in and playing using Martingale 10 times. This is like 3 days of just letting Martin do his thing.   Here is a clip of my current set up:   18720152ae1043d95bd26d4be86b1530cac11a9e654ddeaf6575d53b24eccca7.jpeg Martingale

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Small Island Happenings
Small Island Happenings

My Blog will essentially surround my life and matters of fact, faith, economic and lifestyle. It will be written from an average human's point of view who is not particularly brilliant, but can still read and write. I am writing from Barbados a small developing island in eastern caribbean.

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