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Want free crypto? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll go over how you can earn free crypto by doing some tasks, i.e. you don’t have to own any crypto (staking) or buy hardware (mining). What’s better than free crypto? There are 2 types of earning: promotional and replacement. Promotional free crypto is where you participate in promoting a particular project, such as following a crypto’s social media accounts. Replacement free crypto is where you replace what you would normally use for everyday activities (such as searching, reading or watching) with the crypto project’s version. Let’s get started on getting free crypto!

Promotional Free Crypto

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Coinbase: Learn and Earn

On Coinbase, you can go through some tutorials for a coin and answer a question to earn that crypto. As of Feb 2022, you can earn AMP and Stellar Lumens. Coinbase also had a promotion where if you connect the Coinbase wallet to your account, they would give you $4 in ETH. They seem to have different promotions so check it out on a regular basis.

You can also checkout coinmarketcap’s learn and earn list. You need to have a KYC verified Binance account and register for coinmarketcap’s website to get the crypto.

Airdrops: Promoting

Airdrops are used to promote a particular project. Participants normally complete some tasks and earn coins, tokens and NFTs. Most of the tasks require you to follow the project on different social media, make some posts and have a wallet capable of receiving the coin, token or NFT. Some places where you can start participating in airdrops.

Replacement Free Crypto

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Presearch: Searching

Presearch is a decentralized search engine. PRE tokens are ERC-20 tokens that you can earn as you search on their website. It’s easy to create a new account using your email address and start earning! You can execute up to 30 searches per day (UTC) and the value of each search depends on the latest price of PRE. You can earn about $0.60/day if you max out the daily limit. However, you need to have 1k in eligible PRE tokens to withdraw your token.

Brave: Browsing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing it using a browser. Why not get paid to browse the web? The Brave browser is a chrome based browser where you can earn BAT, paid out monthly. It’s easy to download, install, create an account and start earning BAT. About a month’s worth of browsing, you can earn from 1–3 BAT/month or $0.80-$2.40/month. Beside these features, it’ll block cookies for privacy and can import all settings from your current chrome settings.

Publish0x: Reading

How about getting paid in crypto for reading articles? If you’re going to read some articles anyhow, you can get paid to do so on publish0x. Creating an account is pretty easy, similar to any other website. You can use your twitter or facebook account to login as well. Once you have logged in, you can tip the writer of the article and yourself and the proportion. You can tip once a day for an author and once every 10 minutes with different authors up to 5? per day. You get paid in some crypto, such as AMP and FARM. The articles show you how much people are tipping particular articles. You can go to your account’s settings and add in your wallet address to get paid.

You can also try your hand at writing and get tipped as a writer as well. Perhaps, Publish0x can bring out the writer in you!

Theta: Watching

There are a couple of crypto projects that are decentralizing the online video industry. Theta (THETA) is a video streaming project with the highest market cap of $3.2B (as of March 2022). As a user on theta.tv, you can watch videos and earn Theta Fuel (TFuel). Theta fuel is the utility token on the Theta Blockchain used in the Theta network. It is used to pay viewers, creators and transactions. Theta coin on the other hand is a governance coin. For most users, they’ll deal with TFuel. The most interesting part about Theta is that the streams are P2P, i.e. as you watch, you may pass on the stream to others. This is how you earn TFuel, by streaming to your peers.

Upland: Playing

There are many games where you can earn crypto, aka play to earn (P2E). One such crypto is UPX, upland. In this monopoly inspired game, you can earn UPX by logging in days in a row, owning properties (with a map of the world) and you can obtain more by finding treasure chests. You can also buy UPX or buy properties with fiat currency. There’s no way to get your UPX out of the game unless you sell your property for US Dollars. There are many other P2E games that you can play to earn free crypto, check them out to see if they’re your cup of tea.


As crypto becomes popular, there’s many ways in which you can earn free crypto. Some methods (such as Learn and Earn and Airdrops) are promotional while others (such as Presearch and Publish0x) replace what users use everyday. With these methods, you are earning less than one dollar per day for your time. Seems like these methods are not worth it, unless you believe that these crypto will increase by 10x or even 100x. Therefore, you should invest your time towards projects you like, just like how you invest your money.

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