Beginner's Guide to Crypto Faucets

By Simple Like 1 | Simple Crypto | 10 Apr 2022

Starting with FireFaucet

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Faucet Crypto Farming

Who wouldn’t want free crypto? Since the beginning of crypto, Faucets were used to create more awareness of crypto. Starting with Bitcoin, the first faucet would vend 5 BTC per task, such as captcha, watching ads, etc. In today’s BTC prices, that would be worth > $200k.

Nowadays, Faucets are just one way of earning free crypto where you trade your time for the crypto. The original reason for the crypto is the same, you complete tasks that promote the crypto to earn that crypto. This usually means following the project’s social media accounts, playing some game, watching some ads, and others.

In this introduction, we’ll go over how to find faucets, how to sign up for one of the popular faucets, and how you can farm for crypto. Hopefully, this will give you a taste for faucets and encourage you to get into crypto. You can learn transferring crypto from the faucet to your wallet. In order to give you a detailed intro, I’ll be going through the details of how Fire Faucet works.

Warning: Make sure that you don’t need to buy or deposit crypto to get started. Usually, that’s a red flag. Never share your private keys or recovery phrases with anyone. Also, make sure that you are using https (the lock icon in the url bar). I would use a separate dedicated browser without any ad blocker for certain tasks to protect yourself from some attacks. Be careful about entering any private information on any website. Unless you like a bunch of apps on your phone/tablet, pick and choose what apps you install for points.


Starting with Fire Faucet

One of the best websites to find crypto faucets is You can search by which crypto that you want to earn. The table shows how often you can earn crypto with minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees. This is a good way to identify which faucet to use for earning certain crypto. The multi coin (the last option) is also a good way to find faucets where you can earn many types of crypto. In this example, I’ll be going through my experience with Fire Faucet.


  • Click on the registration button. Enter your email, username and password.
  • Click on accept terms and privacy notice.
  • Click on reCaptcha box
  • Click on submit
  • You have to verify your email address.

The Basics

There are different activities and they have different rewards. So what you would do is, complete an activity, receive Auto Claim Points (ACP). This is the “coin” that you are earning. Sometime later, you can convert the ACP to a crypto “wallet”. From my experience about 1.1K ACP is about 1 USD. The wallet balance is stored in USD so the crypto value will fluctuate with the market. For every activity, you also get Activity Points (AP). This is your “experience” points and you get some rewards as you hit different milestones. There are some activities that you can only do once and that start/end of that day happens in the UTC time zone. So you need to factor that in when timing your facet activities. That pretty much covers the basics. Seems pretty simple, right? Let’s get started!


This is the main faucet. You can claim this every 30 mins. You have to go through some captcha (Solvemedia, hCaptcha, or reCaptcha). Once confirmed you get some random amount of ACP and 10 AP. Note that there’s some ads that are on the faucet page. Sometimes, the “complete” button creates a popup and only works when you press on the button the second time. You’ll see that other activities have similar tricks for you to open more web pages with ads.

Daily bonus

This is similar to the facet where you have to enter some captcha to get your random ACP and AP reward. This resets at midnight UTC since the website uses UTC as the time zone when determining when a day starts and ends.

Paid to Click (PTC)

For these, you are getting paid to view a webpage. Each link will open a new tab/window. You have to have your computer’s focus to that web page for 8 seconds. Afterwards, you are given an image of a 4 digit number that you have to type in to show that you are not a robot. For each webpage you get 100 ACP and 50 AP. You can visit each web page once per day in UTC time zone.


This is where you can earn some serious ACP and AP. Many researchers, academic and commercial organizations, are looking for people to fill out surveys to answer some questions. You can either go to the “Surveys” button or go to a “Offerwall” where you can find more surveys. I find that I run out of surveys and have to go to the offerwall to find more.

For many of the surveys in the offerwall, you need to answer some preliminary questions about which demographic you fit in. This will be used to prescreen you for what the surveyors are looking for in their pool of surveys. Sometimes these are around products, politics or healthcare. The topics change based on the needs of the study. For each survey filled, the rewards can be anywhere between 8K and 200K ACP for spending 1 minute to 30 minutes. By far, this is the best way to gain ACP quickly as there are enough surveys for you to take for 24 hours a day.

Short Links

These are just links where you need to either wait some number of seconds (in some case you need to click on something for the timer to start or redirect after the timer runs out), click on something (sometimes multiple times after couple of new tabs), scroll down and/or complete a captcha a certain number of times. In one case, I had to press the back button to make progress. Some of the websites have ad blocker detection so if you use a browser with built in ad blocker or as an extension, the website will detect and prevent you from completing the activity. In order to obtain the reward you might have to go through some link multiple times. Just trying to figure out how to complete the activity is like a puzzle. Lastly, some of the links are NSFW so be careful that you are in a private environment when working on these short links.

Short link rewards are 50 AP and 5–9 ACP per short link. Each short link resets after 24 hours of completing it. There is also a bonus (under Tasks from the main page) that you get for completing 5, 10, 20 and 35 short links within a day.

Tracking Activities & Earnings

On the dashboard, the main number that you should track is the ACP. That’s what will get converted to USD to your wallet when you click on the “convert” button. There, you have the option of which crypto wallet that you want your USD stored in. Above that, there’s your personal stats. It includes %Bonus, Level and Exp. The %Bonus is based on your level. For every reward received, you’ll get the % Bonus extra. It goes up by 0.001%/level. The level is the number of times you’ve hit the AP milestone. Other stats are:

  • Exp — your experience, aka Activity Points (AP).
  • Rank — this shows what rank in APs that you are on the leaderboard. At the end of the day, there is a bonus paid to the top 20 for the day.
  • Claims Today — the number of activities you’ve completed for the day.
  • Shortlinks Today — tracks the number of short links you’ve completed.


Need to exchange your ACP to the crypto wallet of your choice. Once converted, it’s stored as USD. Then, you can withdraw the coin to your wallet address that you’ve set. The conversion rate is based on some definition of the USD/coin market rate. So, if you want to maximize your earnings, you should convert when the coin’s price in USD is low. For each crypto, there’s WP and FP with fill, low or empty as the status. This means that the crypto available for wallet payout or faucet pay is full, low or empty. Withdraw limit is $10 USD worth of crypto per day. There’s also the “auto faucet” option on the dashboard page. When you turn this on, the ACP is converted to the list of coins every minute at around 40 ACPs/minute.

Optimization Tips

Do different activities at the same time. Just like any type of farming, some things take time for them to reset/ready to interact with. So optimizing your farming on faucets is the same. You want to parallelize waiting with activities such that you are always doing something, i.e. maximize utilization of your time. After spending a couple of days using Fire Faucet, here’s some optimizations that I’ve found to work pretty well.

  • Claim Tasks rewards once a day, i.e. get bonus for completing short links, offer wall and faucet claims.
  • Daily rewards once a day.
  • Facet — every 30 mins — spend 2mins
  • Survey — spend 5–30 mins — you can take a break at any time
  • Short links — spend 5–15mins — need to wait 10+ seconds before interaction
  • PTC — spend 2 mins — need to wait 8 seconds before typing in the 4 digit number

You can try different combinations to maximize your gains. I find that if I’m watching some YouTube video or in some social zoom meetings, I can get through the 35 short links in about 30–45 minutes if I do 4–5 in parallel. You don’t need to think too much so you can pay most of your attention to the meeting or video while completing the short links.

The surveys tend to pay the best as you can get 20K ACPs with surveys that are 10–20 mins. But they require more attention as sometimes they add in trick questions to see if you are paying attention. For instance, they may say: “this is to check whether you are paying attention, please select mostly disagree”. I was able to catch most of these so not sure what happens if you miss too many. Some of the warnings say that you might be rejected from filling out some surveys if you miss too many of those.


In this article, you’ve learned what facets are and went through a Fire Faucet tutorial on how to signup and earn crypto. I’ve also provided some tips on how to parallelize your activities to maximize your earnings per day. With all of these optimizations, my earnings tend to be about $6 worth of ACP for almost 3 hours of activities. That comes to $2/hour that I’m earning. So if you think that the crypto that some coins will go to 10x in the next couple of years, then it’ll be $20/hour, which is a little above some minimum wage. If the value goes up by 10,000x as Bitcoin did in the past 10 years, then you would have earned $20,000/hour. Of course, some of the coins might go to zero so pick your coin wisely. If faucets are your thing, you can check out for more faucets. Happy crypto farming!

Note: Some of the links in this article are referral links. I get some crypto if you use them to sign up on their website.

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