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Redditor loses $50,000 in Chainlink sending to an ERC20 smart contract

By Skyfries | Skyfries Report | 16 Dec 2020

This has been a bad month for miscalculated transactions.  Earlier this month a twitch user sent $15,000 in ETH to a streamer on accident.  Reddit user u/Kabani13 also known as Dawid Kaczówka of Poland accidentally used a copy pasted address for moving his Link; all 4,005.62 of them. 





He meant to transfer to a Binance deposit address, but instead sent to the GHST ERC-20 staking contract.  In the process his 4,005 Chainlink tokens became unrecoverable.  This is the fear of any cryptocurrency user going between platforms and why test moves should be used when making transfers exceeding what you could comfortably lose.  This is obviously tragic for this user so the Aavegotchi team has set up a donation fund to help repair Kabani13's Christmas.

If you are interested in helping Dawid the Aavegotchi team set up a donation wallet to help get Dawid some of his life savings back before Christmas.  Stay careful out there guys.


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