NFTs, EyesFi and like2earn approach

By CrypptoCat | SKCrypto | 25 Aug 2022

The situation in the NFT market shows that many people have heard of them, but have never owned tokens from top collections, and do not fully understand the value or their essence. EyesFi plans to change that. According to the team, which includes artists and NFT enthusiasts, this area should be introduced to the general public, developing it in such a way that not only traders must be interested in it.

How will it work?

EyesFi is creating a lifestyle app, it will be a meta-universe on the Ethereum blockchain that will be entirely based on the digital world, not the real like many other projects.

EyeFi aims to create a comprehensive NFT valuation system through users' likes and curation on its platform. It will take place at the intersection of two directions, SocialFi and GameFi. So, there will be game and social components. All this together forms a new approach — like2earn, where the general idea can be described as follows: you like something, you support it, develop it and tell the world, receiving a reward for your actions.

Accessing this world will require futuristic NFT glasses called GlassE. They are essentially a pass into the metaverse for early adopters. The team hints at possible rewards, but without specifics. On the other hand, it is already possible to earn monetary rewards for participation by testing an analog of the basic functionality.


The product is at the stage of development now and it is still difficult to say what it will be. But how the curation system works, you can try it. Here’s how it works.

The native instruction can be found here

Collect Energy

The first thing we need to do is join the EyesFi Discord server. Next, go to the collect-energy channel and get energy by pressing the button. Each curation consumes 1 Energy, and you can collect it every 12 hours.

Curate your favorite NFT collection

Next step. Navigate to the curate-here channel and type /curate. The system hints with the ready command, where you need to put the URL of your preferred collection from Opensea and add a short description of why you think it is cool to curate.

After that, you will receive the first 0.3 points. Remember, to get more points (up to 6) your collection must grow in its price in the next 24 hours.

The next time you can collect the same collection or choose a new one.


How to increase points? Invite your friends to the Discord server and get a multiplier.

If you invite 8 friends, you’ll get x1.1. If 15 friends join, you will receive x1.2.

Rewards System

You can curate daily. The competition is divided into seasons, every season lasts 1 week. Top 30 leaders get their whitelists for the upcoming beta and share a prize pool in ETH (1.5–2 ETH).

Also, you can track your points and current position by taping command /leaderboard in the leaderboard channel.

Other opportunities

You are able to receive your genesis GlassE by content creation, participation in AMAs, and other events organized by the team. Everything starts in Discord, so don't hesitate to join it. 


Sounds interesting, huh? If you are an NFT fan, don’t miss the opportunity to earn WL simply by curation. No risks, no real money needed for that.

Learn more about the project:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium


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