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By CrypptoCat | SKCrypto | 15 Jan 2023

Now there is not so much activity as during the bull market, and there are not so many projects coming out. If you are looking for something promising, but without hype, then Exorde should be on the list.

What is Exorde?

The idea of Exorde is simple and necessary at the same time. It is a web3 protocol that collects public data on any topic. It can be covid, the bitcoin price or the war in Ukraine. Unlike Google, the output will not be based on SEO, but in general all possible, and almost in real-time.

To do this, Exorde combines AI and the processing of huge amounts of data based on the SKALE blockchain. It makes possible to conduct transactions without paying for gas, which greatly simplifies the use of such a tool.

Due to the fact that this is a blockchain with a transparent history of transactions, the protocol will not be able to hide any outcomes from the search results. It means it will not be subject to censorship.

Thanks to all this, the developers from Exorde are trying to build real-time data collection! All the same described cases, but with almost instantaneous results. Imagine that when the UST started to lose its peg to the dollar, you would have a tool at hand that could collect all the public information on this in any language you need. Maybe there were hints to the short? Or to close the position?

One more example. Let's say you own an NFT from some collection and start seeing FUD around it. What to do, sell or ignore that info? Yes, in any case, the final decision is up to the person, but the process of collecting data is greatly simplified with available Web3 solutions.

EXD Token

The EXD token is the core of the Exorde Protocol economy.
It captures the value of the data services economy inside the Exorde Ecosystem.

1) Protocol clients (directly or indirectly via other web data apps) pay Exorde to crawl, index, analyze, and collect data on a given specific topic/theme/website/URL/language, etc.

They place a bounty. For example, 50000 EXD on "Banksy Street Art" for X days/weeks, and the protocol will automatically allocate some work on this, for the duration.

2) Contributors stake EXD to participate. The more important the task, the higher the stake. When participating (spotting data & validating) the stake is locked/allocated until the network verifies data. The more data you submit, the more stake will be allocated (this is natural, the more work/validation you impose on the protocol, the higher the impact/stake)

3) EXD are rewarded for participants.

How to earn EXD?

The project should launch soon and now there are some opportunities to earn future tokens.

First, there is a bounty program for the community. 

Bounty program on Crew3

The main advantage of this project is that we earn real tokens, not OATs, collectible NFTs, or unique roles in Discord, which are likely to give nothing but allocation at best.

Crew3 lists permanent tasks right now, and new ones will appear regularly (which may be time-limited, even if there are no restrictions in it right now!). For convenience, when a new task appears, information about it will appear in Exorde official Discord. In addition, the section "Content created on your own initiative" is open for everyone except Ambassadors, where once a day you can send voluntarily created content about Exorde.

Reports (except those that are checked auto) will be checked every 1-3 days.

Your XP in Crew3 = The Potential EXD Tokens that you can claim.

For all who have recently joined, you must collect at least 300 EXD in Crew3.

The tasks are of varying complexity. From subscriptions, likes, and retweets to creative videos and DIY tasks

You can start here

Exorde Incentivized Testnet

The incentive phase of the testnet started in November, but it is still early to join. It will last at least until Q2 2023.

There are versions for Linux and Windows. The instruction is here

Rewards will be in the form of EXD tokens & potentially REP on the Mainnet, after the launch.
The current EXDT Token does not represent future rewards. It is in the Testnet to simulate the future token & its role will evolve over the weeks.

Only the Reputation (REP) will weigh how much rewards you will get.
Reputation is Testnet participation points. Earning Reputation (REP) now is like "Mining" EXD in the future.

The exact calculation will be announced later. Rewards should very well cover the cost of participation and more. The Total Rewards pool should be at least 200 000 EXD.

Bounty for Developers

The concept is classic: Help Exorde with development, especially with the data collection module, and get EXD rewards. For example, here are the couple of tasks: 

1. Scrape the forum "Bitcoin Talk"


- Use Python 3.10+

- Must be written as a function, or class (set of functions)

- Input arguments must be: start_datetime (UNIX timestamp)

- Output must be in JSON = all posts titles + comments, posting datetime of all posts is required. For each post/comment, its ID (unique they have topic ID & posts ID I think), datetime & content.

- No API usage, only HTML-based (playwright + aiohttp)

2. Scrape Reddit


- Use Python 3.10

- Must be written as a function, or class (set of functions)

- Input arguments must be: start_datetime (UNIX timestamp), keyword (or keywords) -> optional input argument = - language (if possible, bonus will be given if you can)

- Output must be in JSON = all posts titles + comments, posting DateTime of all posts is required. For each post/comment, its ID (unique they have topic ID & posts ID I think), DateTime & content.

- No API usage, only HTML-based (playwright + aiohttp)


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