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Satoshi Nakamoto set the strategy. It is up to us who actively participate in the crypto ecosystem and understand what it is all about, to develop the tactics to achieve the final triumph.

The strategy is vague, diffuse, holistic, orienting. The tactic is concrete, it is to solve here and now.

Strategy is war, tactics is a set of battles.

The strategy is called "decentralization." The tactic is made up of hundreds of projects basically grouped into three groups: cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and efficient connections between blockchains.

But who exactly are we?

In my opinion, there are six major groups of people in relation to the crypto-sphere. This is like looking at Earth from Mars, that is, the largest possible strategic level of abstraction, without going into detail.

1- Those who never heard of cryptocurrencies.

2- Those who heard and agree with the fundamentals, but cannot participate because they do not have financial and/or technological resources.

3- Those who heard about it and are against it, saying that it is a scam, a Ponzi scheme and that the bubble will soon burst and confidence will be reborn in the traditional banking system based on the printing of fiat money at the discretion of a series of criminals who run the government, central banks, and commercial banks. I recommend not wasting too much time with these jerks. They are the same people who wondered in the 70s why would someone want to have a computer in their house? And in the 90s they said that the Internet was a little game for nerds. Due to these individuals, the shampoo has instructions for use.

4- Those who got into the crypto-sphere to get rich in a short time, buying and selling especially crypto-junk. This group is a party for seasoned traders and scammers. As time passes, this group of upstarts realizes that they are cannon fodder for snipers who eat them like cookies, and they leave the ship, luckily. There is a gigantic business raised for these people, based on smartphone games from which you can "withdraw cash immediately" to your PayPal. Taking advantage of people without resources to steal the little money they can make is a real scam.

5- The professional traders of Wall Street and other financial centers. The yuppies of the 80s. These people have taken cryptocurrencies as if they were public company stocks or debt bonds. It doesn't matter whether or not they understand that cryptocurrencies are a new asset class. The truth is that they have incorporated them into their daily actions as one more role, applying all the tools for analysis, such as the hundreds of ratios that indicate trends, Fibonacci retracement levels, candlestick charts, and a lot more. For the moment it serves their purposes, although not the ecosystem. This is where we should look for the famous whales and other species that manipulate the markets, and they are definitely responsible for the volatility of the whole.

6- Finally we. Those of us who understand that we are in the presence of a new class of assets, which has started a revolution of proportions that is going to change the world in terms of the hierarchies that govern it. We do not want to get rich in a short time, but participate rationally and enjoy the revolutionary process, with the aim of helping and lubricating the transformation path, since it will surely have more or less violent episodes when mass adoption flourishes. That is, we are the group in charge of designing, and/or testing, and/or approving, and/or rejecting projects that do not correspond to correct tactics. We are the ones who believe that the price that the “market” gives to a cryptocurrency is not as important as what that currency represents for the global decentralization process that began with the Nakamoto White Paper.

No revolution started on a day at a certain time. There are no examples in history that someone has come one day and said "Hey, this is the moment the Revolution begins!" Revolutions are long processes in time, which usually have a dark and fuzzy beginning, as was the Bitcoin White Paper that almost no one gave credit to, except for a series of nerds and punks who operated on the deep web. Few interpreted the birth of a new asset class, and much less, imagined that we were receiving a new technology that was going to allow us to begin to unravel the network of intermediaries woven during the last 100 years, especially since 1971 when the USA unilaterally decided to get out of the gold pattern.

However, this network is so cleverly entrenched on the planet, and so well managed by the media, that it will not be able to be unwound in the short term. The good news is that the correct tactics we have to design can do it.


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As a group, we have a huge responsibility: to do a thorough investigation of every project that comes up in the crypto-sphere. There are dozens of them every day. Then, invest in those that we think have stronger fundamentals, better development teams, better solutions to specific centralization problems, and better prospects for sustainability. Also discard and alert about projects that are obvious scams, meme coins to steal the weak ones, or tokens that do not solve any problem and are only based on speculation to raise money through ICOs, IEOs, and the like.

Only in this way can we influence the murderous system that governs us: with successive weaknesses to it, implemented through correct tactics.

For example, in addition to actively participating with my portfolio of hard currencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, and USDT in the ecosystem through trading, lending, DeFi, and staking, I am investing in other projects that seem very promising to me and that, if they perform well, they will constitute a gamechanger. The one that motivates me the most at the moment is VET, this being a project that tries to align the operation of four major fields of technology, such as blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IOT. The team that manages the platform is first-rate and comes from the logistics of luxury goods, with which they have plenty of experience in international product traceability. There are already many projects implemented on the VET blockchain, for front-line companies, and for governments. I wrote about VET a while ago here at Publish0x, plus I was honored by CryptoWordsmith by inviting me to his show to talk about VET.

Current generations are surely not going to see a world operating in perfect anarchy. But we can begin to weaken the tightly centralized system that tells us how we should live our lives.

To do so, we must not only consider the crypto-sphere. We can start today to join the revolution with concrete acts, in addition to analyzing and evaluating crypto projects. We do not want to establish any kind of relationship with the centralizing enemy, not even one of hostility. We want to start living in anarchic terms today, playing in away field, in their field.

The day a commercial bank goes bankrupt and the government does not want to rescue it, that day we can say that we will have made a quantum leap towards anarchy. There is a long way to go, but not that long.


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I never recommend something that I don't do. It is a premise that I have with my clients, so first I am in charge of testing the operation of a certain process and then I transfer it or not.

I leave you some of the things that I am doing, and that anyone can implement from today to weaken the centralizing system with correct tactics. Cheer up because it is easier than it seems. Before saying that you can't, think and apply your logic. The strategy has already been established and is called decentralization. I said more than once that Satoshi Nakamoto will be remembered more for having given us a tool that enables decentralization, than for the invention of Bitcoin, a fact in itself transcendental in the history of mankind. The tactics are up to us.

a- Do not have a credit card or any banking product. If you have them, think about unsubscribing them. If you need money, do not ask for it in a bank, use your crypto as collateral and ask for it on a platform like Celsius. Use a crypto debit card, there are several available. Save your money in crypto and use it only when necessary. Do not add any service payments to your account because this is one way to get a hold of you. Anything that involves a tie should be avoided by all means at your fingertips. Do you think that a bankless society is impossible? Ok, so forget about this first point.


b- Do not buy in supermarkets. Buy from small county retailers. Have you heard about the international Slow Food movement? Make all the food you can at home. Never buy plastic bottles, besides polluting and killing a lot of marine species, they keep the oil industry running. Don't buy branded cleaning products, buy them from distributors who sell unbranded. If you have no choice but to buy products that you cannot make, for example, butter, choose butter that does not have a trademark.


c- Do not have health insurance. The health business network is huge and very powerful. It is responsible for the invention of useless and expensive drugs and treatments that are financed, among others, by the insurance payers. Have your own GP who will know how to act knowing your personality in-depth, taking into account that diseases, infections, contagions, and epidemics are largely due to the loss of defenses produced by the stress of the system. I can hear the insults of the "scientists". BTW, what science do you believe in? The one financed by big whales, guiding "scientific knowledge" toward what is best for shareholders? I don't believe in that science and it seems to me that the independent scientist no longer exists and died with romanticism. Science teaches us that we have to doubt everything, except, of course, herself. In other words, science is constituted in God, which is a huge contradiction. That is why I am not fooled by “science”, least of all that financed by large shareholders. If you want to be healthy, follow a very good diet, do physical exercises 3 or 4 times a week, rest at least 8 hours, have fun with your friends and work on what you really like. With this, you will see that your defenses increase brutally.


d- Do not buy large brands, especially, although not exclusively, of clothing and luxury, because in doing so, you are paying a lot of intermediary marketing networks. The big brands are manufactured in countries with miserable wages and are sold with a huge spread in the core countries. This clearly shows that poverty is business. We are not going to end this very soon, but we can begin to become aware and convey this truth. Do you need to go to the gym to show some branded leggings and air shoes? Think twice, next time.


e- You don't need a car since Uber exists. Do you have to show it to someone? Well in that case you can rent it. The more cars produced, the more oil is going to be used and the more unequally the money is going to be distributed. A bicycle is an extraordinary means of transport and also an unbeatable exercise for your fitness.


f- Produce your own energy. Today it is very easy to generate electricity with solar panels at home. It is also very easy to generate methane gas for combustion through biodigesters, taking advantage of organic waste. The less you depend on the power system, the less necessary it is going to be.


g- Don't watch TV! It is the best instrument they have to show you the "benefits" of the system and the products that you necessarily have to buy to be cool. Also, avoid having contact with any form of communication that has to do with the 6 corporations that handle the world's information. They manipulate the info for the benefit of shareholders. Here's an infographic that shows you the power of these clusters.


h- to be continued…


Before you accuse me, use critical thinking.


As usual, none of the things written in this post are financial advice and are not intended to replace personal research.



Thank you for reading!


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