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The advent of blockchain technology and by extension, the crypto-sphere, among many other things, brought us the rebirth of old schools, old forgotten concepts, and new upstarts who claim to profess the theories of the Austrian School, of anarchy and of Libertarianism, even though they didn't even read the first pages of the most recognized books of each current. Today everyone talks about the Austrian School, but nobody has a clue what praxeology is and how it could be inserted into the twists and turns of today's economies, without causing a catastrophe.

Among the words most listened to, and defended with extreme vehemence by its pseudo-cultivators, is that of anarcho-capitalism. Supported by an Austrian school economist named Murray Rothbard who wrote for much of the twentieth century coining the term "anarcho-capitalism", the cultists of this contradiction display a kind of insults and expletives of all kinds, like a bully, shouting and insulting people who do not profess their religion.

This author is considered the father of modern Libertarianism, another dubious term, and his thesis is based on a society based on private property and the "free market."

I make a parenthesis here to ask a simple question, for those who believe that prices are “set by the market”. Is the price of yogurt in the supermarket set by the market or is it set by a transnational corporation? (At the moment I can't think of any names.) If you have time, I would like to hear your response.


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So Rothbard says, "this land is mine, these tools are mine, this factory is mine" so I do whatever I want and I don't care what happens in the environment, with the resources, with the people, and with the competitors. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their money”. Of course, he adds " Do not allow the State to come to collect taxes because that is a theft." With this, Rothbard & Co are allowed to do whatever they want with complete peace of mind. They can predate, transform and sell products with the profit that they want, telling everyone that the prices were set by the free market, and finally, to accumulate capital that, ultimately, is to accumulate more power to continue accumulating more private property and so on. Freedom to be slaves? Yes, indeed, any of us can freely choose to be a slave.

The so-called anarcho-capitalism is a betrayal of the decentralization ideas proposed by blockchain technology. The far-right has existed in all cultures, but the bad thing about this specific far-right is wanting to associate it with the ideas of anarchy. And above, yelling and bullying. Those of us who do not "understand" this difficult-to-understand concept are treated as ignorant.

This is more or less what happens today in corporate societies, be they free-market capitalists or welfare state socialists. The novel thing is to make believe that this can be called in some way "anarchism", and that it can be related in some way to Bitcoin and Ether.

This is really amazing. My conclusion is that anarcho-capitalists are only interested in anarchy just to avoid paying taxes, otherwise they are more ferocious than the corporate capitalists who are currently at the forefront of world institutions and conglomerates.

There is nowhere in an anarchic scheme the possibility of accumulating capital. And capitalism is based on the accumulation of capital, to achieve higher levels of accumulation of power. We're in a completely ridiculous situation, one that escaped this Rothbard boy. Or he didn't get away with it and actually liked this business of being an anarchist and not paying taxes. "The state must not exist," roar the anarcho-capitalists, intimidating by force. And actually, they love the force, since they argue that there must be a private police and justice system (?!). Obviously, who do you think is going to finance those private systems? Yeah right. Those who accumulated enough capital to administer security and justice at will. (More or less like what happens now, but without anyone thinking that this is anarchy. Laws are fishing nets in the hands of corporations and governments).

There is an “attenuating” current of the cult of anarcho-capitalism called “minarchy”, which says that the State must exist in its minimum expression. The minimum expression of the State for these people is that the State must take care of Security and Justice so that everyone can live in freedom. In other words, the argument is that for everyone to be able to live in freedom, there must be police and judges, and to finance them you have to collect taxes. Here a lot of modern thinkers are enrolled, many of them belonging to the Austrian School, such as Ludwig von Misses, Frederick Hayek, and other thinkers of other currents such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. In all the rest, they agree with anarcho-capitalism, that is, with this thing that prices are set by the market and that individuals, with their private property, can do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences they cause in the environment.


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As if this were not enough, there are a series of incredible characters who propose an "anarcho-monarchy". I think it is not worth even dedicating a line to such a big asshole.

Now, there are a good number of theorists of anarcho-capitalism who base their wisdom on the theory of evolution.


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In particular, I do not believe that God made the world in 7 days, but I also do not believe that we descended from monkeys.

How? Does anyone dare to challenge the Darwinian theory of evolution? There are many documentaries on NatGeo (News Corp) and the History Channel (Disney) that show the irrefutable evidence for Darwinian evolution.

I think this thing about the man descending from the monkey has been burned to us since kindergarten. Who? Well, in my previous post talking about the advertising industry, I showed that there are 6 corporations that handle 90% of the world's media. Only 6! If it had served for something, they could have made us believe that the human being descended from the golden clam of the Sea of ​​Japan, burning images and presenting an irrefutable scientific theory that proves it. (BTW, Darwin was not the inventor of the theory of evolution, but he appropriated it, having been developed by Scottish evolutionists, but that is the subject of another post).

The truth is that the so-called theory of evolution is perfect for capitalism (and now anarcho-capitalism) to test its dubious theory of survival of the fittest. In practice, the "fittest" is the one with the best relationship with capital and with the lawmaker, especially private property laws. In that case, they pretend that the hardest worker survived when in reality the one who best appropriated the property survived. And they are based for this on Darwin!

By controlling 90% of world communication, you can make believe basically anything, and that thing has the objective of legitimizing a system that allows that 90% to continue to accumulate power.

The Darwinian theory of evolution is not the only theory that explains the appearance of humans on earth. Nor that of some Martians that seeded humanoids, as lovers of astronomy think. There are more credible theories such as that of "cooperativism" by Dr. Lynn Margulis, who explains that at some point, a group of bacteria, to protect themselves from the increased concentration in the atmosphere of a poisonous gas called oxygen, were submerged in a group underground to put together a totally different ecosystem, causing, by cooperation, a quantum leap in evolution with the appearance of a group of cells totally different from those that existed at that time. Don't come with the monkeys, please.


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That same capitalism and anarcho-capitalism that relies on the freedom of the market justified by the theory of evolution, is the one that abhors competition, buying as many competing companies as they come along and concentrating power in the hands of a few holding companies. This is basically the same scheme that was used in the late Middle Ages when the land was handed over to the nobles. The funny thing is that they do it in the name of market freedom. Those same conglomerates are the first to go to ask the State for subsidies, skewed laws, and bailouts when the potatoes burn. Always speaking and defending the freedom of markets.

Why don't those who call themselves "libertarians" criticize corporatism? Because they are corporatists, simple. Can you imagine what a world can be like with “private” police and justice, financed by corporate conglomerates? Any opponent of the system could be eliminated with a simple order and legally.


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This is not the path of anarchy that propels the decentralization officially initiated with Satoshi Nakamoto's White paper, which these pseudo-dictators appropriated. Under the name of anarchy, and with a total discredit towards it, it is intended to create a world dominated by “free market” elites, with private property in the hands of a few and with dictatorial justice at will.

True anarchy, which has to do with cooperation, mutualism, and the absence of regulators, although not of rules, has more to do with a Left Libertarianism, which is an umbrella under which three currents are basically grouped: the Proudhon's anarcho-mutualism, Bakunin's anarcho-collectivism, and Kropotkin's anarcho-communism.

I will talk about each of these currents in the next posts.

If you don't like the left and you are very right-wing, no problem, but don't call any scheme of capital accumulation with the word anarchy, because talking about hierarchies and power in anarchy is equivalent to contradictions in terms such as "The skinny fat man" or the "virgin prostitute".



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