2051: A Cryptospace Odyssey

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(Chronicles of the possible…)


April 15, 2051

County of Surfing Village


- "Hello grandpa! Time to celebrate! Today is the first anniversary of SUVC, our currency, the county's currency!"


- “Hello my little grandson! Oops, I didn't remember!"



Lucas showed his grandfather the news on his KuCoin Gem Manager. The Gem Managers are the latest generation of portable devices, successors of the distant smartphones. The KuCoin Gem Managers are the most widely used devices on the planet, and serve as a wallet and explorer for new native currencies that the new counties, based on the new world organization, launch as they build their social projects. The market that KuCoin created and led since the 20s of this century, which they called the “gem” market, today is made up of the native currencies of the counties in which the new world regime is being organized.

The grandfather turned his first 70 years. Born in the 80's of the 20th century, he experienced tremendous technological changes throughout his vibrant life. He was passionate about technology and had enjoyed each change as a new challenge for his intense curiosity.


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Lucas is 10 years old by now, and is already a scholar in the management of cryptocurrencies, that have been massively accepted throughout the planet several years ago. (Although not as many imagined in the early years of the crypto ecosystem). Lucas was already famous in much of the world for having won the first under-10 tournament organized by KuCoin for its KuCoin Trading Bot device the previous year.

At the idea of ​​his father, Jack, Lucas had issued the currency of the county in which they lived. Jack was a developer born in the year 2010, just when the first seed of what would later be the possibility of the total decentralization of the established hierarchies was being sown. With an advanced marketing mindset, he thought that if the coin was issued by a child and promoted with a famous exchange like KuCoin, the coin had a better chance of being accepted in the county.

They lived near the coast in Surfing Village County, and the coin was called SUVC, Surfing Village Coin.

As the family belonged to the pioneers of the county, and had an extraordinary reputation, the coin immediately became the most widely used currency in the county.

KuCoin is today, in the middle of the 21st century, by far the largest exchange in the world. It had started its development in 2013, but it was presented in society in 2017. As the background of its creators was very broad in technology and business strategy, the exchange had a very strong business vision, and it was not limited only to actively participating in the financial markets, in which although it was also very successful.

Instead, KuCoin specialized early on in discovering new projects that had potential. KuCoin called these projects “gems”, and although many other exchanges followed suit, they were never able to take away the leadership in gem discovery that KuCoin still holds today.

Since its founding, KuCoin's vision and long-term goal was to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Its CEO Johnny Lyu always believed that, in order to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, more work had to be done on user interaction, making the interfaces between humans and protocols easier, than on the development of very sophisticated tools that only professional users understand. That is why KuCoin quickly became the Exchange of the “gems”, the new projects with small capitalization that did not find a place in other exchanges. Of course, the "gems" have an analysis process prior to being listed, basically analyzing typical issues such as the underlying technology, the roadmap, the development team and the problem that the nascent coin is to solve.

But when Lucas was born, in the 40s of the 21st century, only 10 years ago, two great events took place that marked, I believe, the future of humanity forever.

The first and biggest was the definitive fall of the international hierarchy made up of Nation-States, centralized corporations that own all the resources and weapons, Central Banks, commercial banks and International organizations. Although the process had been taking place year after year since 2009, there was one day that historians unanimously set the day of the death of the "ancien régime", which coincided with the collapse and disappearance of one of the most iconic organisms created by the system, the IMF. Satoshi Nakamoto's decentralizing seed struck hard at the heart of the establishment.

The second notable fact was the launch by KuCoin of a platform that would be, with successive improvements, the black hole in the history of decentralized finance, which attracted to itself all the new organizations that are being created from the fall of the ancien régime.

KuCoin called this new platform “KuCoinProtogenesis”, and included as its main development into the ecosystem that had been under development for years known as CaaS, Coin as a Service.

Based on rigorous and strict AI, ML, and IOT algorithms, KuCoinProtogenesis allowed any individual on the planet to create their coins, list it on KuCoin, and build a corresponding DAO to control it. We are no longer talking about a gem to speculate on its possible growth in price, but about the currency that is going to be used as a unit of exchange in a county, at this time, the new format of planetary social organization.

Today's gems are the native cryptocurrencies of each county.

In recent years, the Nation-States of the entire planet, as a last resort to avoid collapse, have worked profusely on the development of the digital identity of individuals, so that today it can be said that each inhabitant of the planet is a crypto wallet that runs on a blockchain and in which not only money is stored, but also all the documents that make up the history of the individual, from birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, university degrees, traffic tickets, diseases and vaccinations, legal conflicts , crimes, awards, sport medals, academic honors, credit history, the list is huge. The organizations in which these documents must be searched every time someone needs them were even greater. The Nation-States needed these organisms to justify their ineffectiveness and disproportionate size, which could only be maintained with an enormous network of corruption in which all the nodes of the capitalist corporate network participated. (Digital identity is not like a LinkedIn profile. In the LinkedIn profile one can put the most blatant lies. Digital identity is based on documentation recorded forever on a blockchain. Digital identity is the new CV.).

This handed the job to KuCoin so that it could very efficiently implement its AI and ML algorithm to review the background of each individual or group of individuals involved in launching a new gem as a county currency.

For its part, today it can be said that all the devices on the planet have some IOT device that transmits data to optimize the operation of family units and production units, so that the KuCoinProtogenesis IOT algorithm can know in real time how it is the efficiency of the county that is asking to launch and list its native currency.

Since then, humanity has been re-organizing itself with a pragmatic, decentralized and anarchist vision, almost unanimously accepting the division into counties in which people freely decide to live and develop. KuCoinProtogenesis served so that each county, if they so decide, would issue their own currency and control it with the consensus protocol they wanted, with the controlling nodes residing in the county. Of course, any county can choose which currency to trade, including the old cryptocurrencies that are still alive with the support of their corresponding consensuses.

The new "gems" today are the coins of the counties. Anyone with their KuCoin Gem Manager can participate in the launch and inspect the new proposal, analyzing the teams and the county that launches their gem-coin. You can also trade with it, as KuCoin provides matching pairs with the strongest currencies on the market.

Why would anyone want to have a coin from another county? Easy. Because at the moment, and for many years to come, the counties are not self-sufficient. If someone needs a good produced in another county, he/she is likely to gain more efficiency in trade if he/she pay in that county's native currency. What if you want to see a show by your favorite band that lives in another county, and your band decides to sell the ticket in their county's currency? Obviously, you have to have some to buy the ticket.

Everything is solved without intermediaries, without commercial banks that charge huge fees, without central banks that issue debt promissory notes in the form of fiat notes, and without governments that prohibit the import of goods with protectionist barriers. All of that disappeared a long time ago.The DAOs that handle the native currencies of the counties care that the global organization is unfettered, as the entire planet slowly and inexorably migrates towards an anarchist, sustainable and self-sufficient future.

But this is not all. Some time ago, the concept of financial speculation changed greatly. The new generations were gradually rejecting the corrupt concepts and systems managed by speculative whales sick of power that developed freely in the ancient regime. The concepts of APR, APY, P/L and the like no longer serve as anything more than a hobby. The new generations, to which Lucas belongs, have a very different scheme to live their lives. Life cannot be a race for the accumulation of money and power. Money should be a tool to live happily, not an unattainable god that fills life with anguish and anxiety. If you want to speculate on the price of some coins, no one is stopping you, of course. Indeed, financial activities have not disappeared from the planet. People are still borrowing, depositing with interest, staking and trading.

But the people of the world are at the moment much more busy putting together the new economies of their nascent counties, after the collapse of the ancien régime. Speculation, accumulation, the desire to have mansions and fast cars are not the priority of anyone at the moment. We are experiencing a new Renaissance, after the depredation of resources and the so-called "progress" of the last 200 years. KuCoin has finally become, according to the vision of its founders, the People's Exchange. The inhabitants of the planet can issue their currency to make their economies work, without the need for a State, a corporation, a political party to tell us what we have to do.

In the case of Surfing Village, all the inhabitants, regardless of their contribution to the county mutual in the form of work, accept and use the SUVC, their native currency as currency to live, trade and consume. And this happened almost immediately, once Lucas created the currency.

The world began a new stage of decentralization, and Lucas and his generation are showing the way to the total inclusion that his grandparents and great-grandparents dreamed of.

P.S. I know what many of you are thinking. What are they going to do with the 2000 billion dollars that are spent annually as a war budget? What are they going to do with the 12,657 nuclear warheads that lie quietly under the soil of the powerful hegemonic countries, waiting for some madman to give the final order? Well, those are two good questions. Let's move on to the next...


Disclaimer. I think it goes without saying that all this is fantastic writing about a possible future, and that it only responds to the slightly disturbed mind of the author. In no way should it be thought that KuCoin is involved in any of the projects  above mentioned. I want to expressly disassociate KuCoin from my vision of this possible future, everything said being under my sole responsibility. I have been a KuCoin user for more than a year when Publish0x introduced me to it, and I think it is a very winning project, especially when it comes to showing a true path to decentralization, even though KuCoin is a centralized platform. I made good money with its trading bot and compared to other trading bots on other platforms, the user experience on KuCoin is remarkably superior. I like the subtitle "People's Exchange." Time will tell.

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As usual, none of the things written in this post are financial advice and are not intended to replace personal research.



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