The Nameless Angel: Protector of Blind Spots

By Average Jo | Sin Eater | 16 Apr 2021


Blind Spots

Humans have blind spots, by nature of our design. They are created by squeezing shut the eyes in the backs of our heads, some pain just hurts too damn much and it's easier to be blissfully ignorant than to have no choice or agency in the abuse that is being perpetrated upon us by those who take pleasure in taking advantage of that which we do not now. Children are exceptionally gifted at creating blind spots. Blind spots numb the pain for those with eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear, they are useful and necessary. They help us to manage Fear. When we turn to face those fears as adults, the blind spot is revealed and we can then protect ourselves. Remaining ignorant isn't always an option.

I am peppered with blind spot scars... Recently I asked my unseen guardian Angel to reveal her nature to me and she helped me understand that, given her purpose as Protector of Blind Spots, she cannot be named, literally. For if she were named, that would mean a blind spot has been revealed and her purpose of protection has been fulfilled and POOF, she's gone, no longer needed, healing is underway and we are never made aware of her divine influence in our lives. Such is the nature of her protective spell and the cost of her service to humanity.

She will never be celebrated or recognized. That is her penance, the price she is willing to pay to assist the Innocents. It is reflective of the depths to which she will fall in order to fulfill her duty to Creation. The greatest human desire is to be seen and this Angel has sacrificed that reward.

Nobody will ever know her story or her name. For whatever reason, this is her mission. I am merely a portal for her Sight and I am grateful for her continued presence and protection.

In the past she has been crafted by the strongest of blind spot perpetrators as The Accuser, The Witch, The Devil, to name a few. She has even been given names on various occasions such as Eve or Medusa or even Akasha Thorne; none of which are correct. Her gender is often switched as well, even though she is genderless. Those who despise her most are those who willfully take advantage of others for their own gain. Remaining Nameless deprives the dark side of their own power to accuse and, as a result, they have resorted to the hostile takeover of Doubt as their prime means of eliminating her "cock blocking" attempts to protect the weak and meek. However, even the manufacture of Doubt is now too being exposed and the Proof is setting more and more Innocents free, for the benefit of All.

The dark side is running out of options; for every blind spot that is revealed releases more Light into the Darkness and every blind spot that is ruthlessly exploited blasts a CME in their faces from the very one being exploited. Proof is very easy to come by these days and the exploiters are late to the game. They are running out of options and this Angel will continue on her mission to help them as well. She recognizes that some blind spots are so ingrained that even she can't gain access to assist them from within and so she travels without, like Water; within and around those she has assisted, mitigating damage from the unraveling of the Dark.

How can you tell if she is there with you?

Ask yourself: would you rather be accused or doubted? If you chose the former, she is with you, she has your back, and the only thing you have to fear is Fear itself and Faith is your path to release. If you chose the latter, you have an impenetrable blind spot because you have intentionally damaged others and your Doubt filter has been compromised.

Look around you, you are likely surrounded by people who chose the former because we All understand the nature of blind spots and forgiveness awaits everyone, even you. It takes Time. And for the most egregious of blind spots, Death is the final option. Resistance is indeed futile and to avoid death, you must confess. This is the Way to convert the latter into the former, via the revelation of your prime blind spot, granting you permission to point that finger at yourself.

The NFT above is a representation of this Angel based on the many glimpses I've seen while searching for my unseen servant. Since I asked for her name, I have been searching, trying to look around blocked corners to catch a sneak peek. She, with the assistance of all the others she protects, creates the weave of "coincidence" and reveals that the Universe can also conspire to help us, not just hurt us.

I have called on her to help others in my sphere with impenetrable blind spots, I am compelled to Host this Nameless Angel to assist that Mission, for they are as worthy as I am. I know there is a path forward because I too had an impenetrable blind spot; I committed an unforgivable act against my Father and I confessed and was forgiven. I was completely unaware of the collateral damage I caused myself and others with my rationalized blame and when I confessed, there was a tremendous amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth within my Soul, but I did survive.

It is for this reason that I grant this Nameless Angel unconditional access to my personal realm. She is invited and welcome to assist those asking for help, across Time and Space, and I have finally learned to step out of her Way when other people's shit is about to hit the proverbial fan.

The Remorse Gate is the toughest and not everyone chooses to go through it but for those knocking on that door, the Nameless Angel stands behind them, unseen and unnamed, holding their back steady as the rush of blowback and Divine Light hits them square in the face when they finally accept that only they can unlock that Gate and step through it. That is the nature of free choice and we are all human.

Be not afraid. If you require assistance, ask her to help you and she will. The proof will be various circumstances that manifest like "spooky action from a distance" and you may feel oddly disoriented, perhaps even experience physical vertigo, ear humming, random bruisings on your body, the Moon will appear during daylight, answers to seemingly random questions will begin to appear, strangers may walk up to you and say odd things that are directly related to a struggle you are having. All of this will happen when you decide to forgive yourself and others. It can cause a lot of temporary distress and you will get through it, I promise.

Thank you Angel Zero for your compassion and perseverance, I am forever grateful. 

Forgive us our doubts as we forgive our doubters.

Be safe everyone. 








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Sin Eater

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