Ooze Finance - Earning 1% Daily on this New NFT Game

By Diviner | SimplyJustCrypto | 27 Jun 2022

Hey guys! A new Defi platform on Fantom has come out, called Ooze Finance, taking inspirations from the highly popular Drip Network on the Binance Smart Chain and converting it into a fun, NFT style game. In this post, I'll be showing the basics of Ooze finance, how to set it up, mint your first NFT, and earn 1% daily on your Ooze tokens. 

But first, what is Ooze Finance?

Ooze Finance is a new yield bearing NFT platform on the Fantom blockchain where you can earn 1% daily. You can mint an NFT, upgrade it using XP, and enjoy boosted rewards and benefits. As you can see, it has a beautiful UI, very similar to Defi Kingdoms, a highly popular game on the Harmony Blockchain.


How To Get Started

Step 1 - Install Metamask and Connect to the Fantom Blockchain

I'm assuming most of you know have Metamask already, but if you don't you can download it here: https://metamask.io/

Metamask is a browser extension wallet that allows you to interact with a variety of Defi Apps. 

You will also need to make sure you connect to the Fantom blockchain if you haven't already. 

You can do so by going here: https://chainlist.org/

Step 2 - Bridge FTM into your Wallet

Now that you have the Fantom blockchain in your Metamask, you will need some Fantom (FTM). You can get FTM directly from most exchanges like Binance or Crypto.com, but if you have funds on other chains you can bridge them to FTM. Ooze Finance has incorporated some bridges into their platform, you can find them by clicking the "Bridge" icon in the city.


Step 3 - Swap your FTM to USDC

You will need USDC to buy your Ooze tokens, so swap some of your FTM for USDC. Make sure to save some left for gas fees!! (keep around 5)

You can swap for USDC on pretty much any exchange on FTM, such as Spooky Swap: https://spooky.fi/#/swap


Step 4 - Buy Ooze Tokens

Once you have your USDC, you can them buy some Ooze tokens buy going to the "Manhole" icon in the city.


As you can see, the price of Ooze is currently $3.3 and has been currently increasing for the past couple of days. Considering the platform has been out for less than a week, this is extremely early and a great entry price to get some Ooze for cheap.

Step 5 - Deposit Ooze and Mint your NFT!

Next, click the "Sewer" icon in the city. 


Then press "Mint"


There are 2 types of NFTS that you can mint:
1 - Order of Slime: Allows you to build teams out (referrals), eligible for Airdrops

2 - Biopunk: Can't build teams, but has an auto-compound feature built in. Not eligible for Airdrops,

Both options earn 1% daily and are perfectly fine. I would highly suggest going Order of Slime however, so that you can invite people and earn referral rewards. Also Biopunk NFTS are not eligible for Airdrops, unlike Order of Slimes.

Once you selected your NFT, you can deposit your Ooze and create your username.

It would be highly appreciated if you used my referral @Diviner when signing up. I will be doing DAILY airdrops to all my team members so make sure you sign up under me!

And your done!

After you have minted your NFT. You have 3 main options.

1 - Add: The blue Add button allows you to deposit more Ooze into your NFT.

2 - Drain: This withdraws the Available Ooze you have into your wallet, which you can sell for USDC

3 - Top Up: This compounds your Available Ooze into your Balance. 

I highly suggest you compound daily for the first couple of weeks to get the maximum gains. 

Thats it for now! I will be going over how to upgrade your NFT using XP in later posts, but for now these are the basics to get you started on Ooze Finance! I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you the best of luck in your crypto journey!

Ooze Finance: https://dapp.ooze.finance/

My Team Name: @Diviner

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