Still keep your head up

By dezeaster | Simplicity | 2 Aug 2023

This may honestly just be more for me but Stackers keep your head up when times are tough.

Things don't always go as planned but that's okay, we adapt and make it. In my personal life getting out of the Navy has been more stressful then I could ever have imagined. I assumed two years ago when I decided to get out that it would just be a button press and I'd be working a job I love no problems.

This isn't a pity party though! I'm applying to new places everyday, attending career fairs, cringing on LinkedIn and not stopping!

I know what I bring to a team and will keep my head up. When the stress is overwhelming I focus on my positives; my two kids, improving my health with fun workouts, and honestly reading you guys.

Keep your head up whatever you're going through you will get through!

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