What Does The New Netflix Movie "Crypto Boy" Teach Us?

What Does The New Netflix Movie "Crypto Boy" Teach Us?

By SimpleSwap | SimpleSwap Blog | 4 Dec 2023

This fall, a new season of films kicked off on the well-known Netflix platform. From the first premieres, it became clear that the service is keeping up with trends in the world. On October 19, 2023, Netflix released a new film titled "Crypto Boy." What insights about digital gold director Shady El-Hamus shared with us, and how many references to the famous crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried we might find there? Let’s see.

What is the "Crypto Boy" movie about?

"Crypto Boy" is the second full-scale directorial work of the Dutch filmmaker Shady El-Hamus. The film features actors Shahine El-Hamus, Sabri Saad El-Hamus, and Minne Koole.

The story unfolds in Amsterdam, focusing on the main character, Amir, a 20-year-old guy working at his father's small Mexican restaurant. While the old man lives with the idea that only through hard, stable work can one earn a carefree retirement, Amir seeks a way to escape this scenario. 

One day, while delivering a food order, Amir stumbles upon an intriguing cryptocurrency seminar hosted by someone named Roy. The entrepreneur shares with his audience the idea that it doesn't matter who you were before investing in cryptocurrency; what matters is who you will become after investing in it. "Everyone has the possibility to become financially independent," declares the ideology of his company, Crypcore Capital.

It didn't take long for Amir to be inspired by the Crypto World and convert all his savings into cryptocurrencies. Afterwards, everything unfolds according to a quite predictable scenario. Amir's actions go against his father's "American dream" principle, so they fight. Friends are replaced by partners, and Amir, along with other naive, unfortunate investors, ultimately becomes a victim of a large-scale fraudulent scheme. 

What ELSE is the film "Crypto Boy" about?

There are too many stories about scammers and their gullible victims dreaming of easy money, so it would be strange if Netflix released a film solely on this topic in 2023. Moreover, critics generally received "Crypto Boy" warmly. What's the catch?

The film immediately focuses the viewer's attention on Amir's life, but critics suggest paying attention to his father, Omar.

The father of the main character has been in conflict with his son from the very beginning: he considers the boy irresponsible and incapable of taking over the family business. At the same time, Omar loves his wayward child and does everything possible to ensure a reliable and prosperous future for him, hoping to raise him into a great person.

The theme of fathers and sons is far from new but always relevant. And here, it plays a significant role. The film turns out to be a touching and timeless picture, despite all the cryptocurrency attributes around it.

Key ideas of the "Crypto Boy"

Let’s discuss some main thoughts of this film:

  1. Earning money requires effort. The film emphasizes the importance of hard work and stable employment as the primary source of income, challenging notions of quick financial independence.
  2. Quick enrichment and real investments. It underscores that the prospect of rapid wealth is only realistic in the case of inheritance. In other situations, patience, the development of strategies, and the ability to wait are necessary for success.
  3. Investment risks. The film asserts that all investments come with risks. Before investing in any venture, whether it's cryptocurrency or something else, thorough research and assessment of potential risks are crucial.
  4. Dangers of investing in unverified ventures. The film highlights the danger of investing all savings in unverified but attractive and risky ventures. Even experienced investors strive to have a financial safety net.
  5. Easy money and fraud. The film warns against the illusion of "easy" money, emphasizing that it often leads to fraud and financial loss.
  6. Values in life. It suggests that life values are not limited to money and opportunities. Family, friends, and loved ones play a crucial role in the most challenging situations.
  7. Lack of breakthrough discoveries. While the film is not revolutionary, it is attractive, relevant, and touching, providing viewers with an interesting plot and important life lessons. 

Impact of the film on the crypto industry

While "Crypto Boy" may contribute to strengthening family values, for the Crypto World, it serves as a warning. The film might indirectly retell the story of billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who once undermined the trust into cryptocurrencies because of his fraud.

Recently, the issue of trust from potential investors in the crypto industry has become more relevant. The system has not yet firmly established itself, leading to technical glitches, security issues, and data protection problems. Films like "Crypto Boy" may turn audiences away from the crypto industry and negatively influence public sentiment against it. But on the other hand, such projects may also raise people’s awareness about crypto, and even entail some new solutions that this industry needs.

What are your thoughts on this new film? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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