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Unusual Blockchain Projects

Weird Blockchain Projects That Really Existed

By SimpleSwap | SimpleSwap Blog | 7 Mar 2023

Blockchain is a truly fascinating technology. It allows us to create a cryptocurrency and to improve the quality of life. But is that it? Of course not! Some blockchain-based projects could surprise you and even make you giggle while reading its white paper. In this article we’ll tell you about the most unusual blockchain projects in our opinion. Let’s start! 

Jesus Coin – a crypto way to get rid of your sins 

Who would’ve thought that blockchain, alongside with a church, will be able to release people from their sins? This could’ve been done by purchasing Jesus Coin (JC). In fact, the coins themselves were created as a joke and they do not forgive any sins. Although the project team negotiated with representatives of several Christian churches in order to be able to forgive sins for the purchase of coins – no one agreed.

The official website of the project says that the creator of the token is Jesus Christ, his confidant is Judas, and the Apostle Peter is in charge of advertising. In 2018, the capitalization of the token was $1.57 million, but now this project had already ceased to exist.

Evancoin – monetization of personal time

In 2017, programmer Evan Prodromou created a cryptocurrency called Evancoin (EVAN) in order to sell his time. These tokens allowed people to buy Evan's working time – chat with him over dinner or get professional advice.

During the ICO, a token equal to one hour of Evan's work cost about $45. This is well below the usual price on his consultation, but in an interview with Wired Evan said that he was still happy with such an experiment. Now the official website no longer works: the project was closed.

Crypto time machine – if Marty McFly can do it, so can we

There once was a project called Wirelesscoin. Its goal was to create a time machine which people could ride in exchange for cryptocurrencies. And it should've been not just a “machine”, but a whole bus which would be powered by crypto: “Our coin is different in that it will be used as the "fuel" of the time travel bus – this is definitely a real use case for cryptocurrency!”

The idea behind the project was to hire several groups of students studying theoretical physics. They would help create a time travel concept and create a prototype. Then there should’ve been trials like moving small objects into the future and the past, a bit later the same tests but with animals and human volunteers. The next stage is the creation of a bus in which up to 30 people can travel through time. 

Asshole SBT – crypto bullying

Soulbound Tokens (SBT) are a new kind of non-fungible token. Unlike regular NFTs, they cannot be transferred to other users. Each SBT is forever tied to the wallet. A person can receive these tokens depending on their education or work experience. They will reflect both a positive reputation and achievements, as well as a negative ones. 

The creators of the Asshole SBT project were inspired by the idea of such tokens and made similar ones – ASBT. These are not real SBTs, but ERC-20 standard tokens. Anyone can create a token that will record why some user is an "asshole", and then send this token to his wallet. The project is more of a joke, it doesn’t have a real impact on a person's reputation. Creating such a token costs 0.05 euros, and in order to burn it, the recipient must pay 32 euros. Or, after 12 months, it will be deleted by itself, and the 0.05 euros spent on its creation will be returned to the creator.

PotCoin – cannabis cryptocurrency

In early 2014, due to the legalization of cannabis use in several U.S. states, the idea of hemp cryptocurrency appeared. That’s why the PotCoin project was created. It was developed in agreement with the U.S. government as part of a decentralized banking infrastructure for the U.S. legal marijuana market only.

With the help of this platform you can anonymously and safely buy and sell legal marijuana in the United States without fear of deception by counterparties or the arrest of the buyer by the police as a drug dealer or drug addict. Now this project is still working and its coin is being traded on exchanges. 

LGD – crypto services in a strip club

The Legends Room is a strip club in Las Vegas that created an internal cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain to pay for its services. The goal of the project is to introduce blockchain technologies into the industry of legal aged establishments.

VIP membership in the club could only be purchased with LGD tokens. It costs 5 thousand LGD (about $1500). The exchange of tokens for dollars could be done through cryptomats in the club. Now this cryptocurrency isn’t  trading on the market, and the strip club is closed.


Who would have thought that blockchain is not only an advanced technology, but also an opportunity to raise funds for absolutely fantastic ideas? Not all projects have survived, but some of them are still working. Like the Asshole SBT project, which reflects the reputation and achievements of a person. What weird blockchain projects do you know? Share in the comments!

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