UniversalCoin’s Universal Distribution

By simplesirup | simplesirup | 22 Apr 2020

UniversalCoin is a free and fairly distributed cryptocurrency. The goal of the project is to produce a wide reaching, free, fair and inclusive cryptocurrency token distribution that is available to any person in the world with access to internet connection. 

The experiment started back in 2018 as UNV on the Ethereum network but due to mass distribution the fees ran too high so they moved to UNV on Ethereum Classic. After only a few tries to execute the distribution they ran into problems, even after several different distribution variations, like bot-farms and fake accounts. All distributions halted.. then started.. and then halted again. The main operating team gave up control to a new team that stepped up and took over. Then again the project forked from UNV to UVC. This fork still runs on Ethereum Classic. 

I know this all may seem like a confusing poorly designed project or a “scam” coin but really there is nothing to lose from joining the experiment. If anything that is all it is, an experiment. A valid and, possibly, profitable experiment. The new team came up with a way that only one account per person can be made and claimed with. They use their new website and your verified Discord account to make claims simple and secure. The new team and new distribution method seems to be exactly what the project has been looking for and has been running smoothly since they came back to life.

This coin is actually not a coin at all. It’s technically a token. Coins are native to their own blockchain. Tokens are built on top of another blockchain. In this case UniversalCoin runs on the Ethereum Classic blockchain so that makes UVC a token. If you are taking part in this distribution experiment you will need to have ETC to gas your transactions. ETC gas in needed when you send some UVC to your friend or make a transaction on Saturn Network DEX. You can get ETC on many exchanges or you can go to this faucet and easily get enough free ETC to make a few transactions.

At the time of writing this the 16th distribution claim has just ended. There will be 40 distributions in total. You can view more details about the distribution process by going to their website and checking out their whitepaper. Each claim in open for 72 hours from Friday through Sunday so there is plenty of time for you to make your claim. Only one claim per open window is necessary to get in on the free distribution. They announce when the claim window is open and all other up to date information on Discord.

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