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Universalcoin Claim #18 Announcement

By simplesirup | simplesirup | 30 Apr 2020

UVC Claim Window Announcement

Claim Window 18 - 702.4m UVC will be shared equally amongst all qualifying participants.

Each window will be 72hrs starting on Friday and ending on Monday.

Remember - for your claim to be valid you must:
1- Be registered and verified on our website: https://universalcoin.io/
2- Be a member of our Discord server with your mobile phone number verified
3- Add your Discord username including the # and 4 digit number (i.e. in the format username#1234) to your UniversalCoin profile: https://universalcoin.io/editprofile
4- When claiming, you will just be asked for your Discord username in the exact same format as stored on our website and our Discord server.
5- Only claim once! One claim for one person! Don’t claim on someone else’s behalf!

Claim Window #18 will be open for 72 hours commencing at 12noon UTC on 1 May 2020 and ending at 12noon UTC on 4 May 2020.

Important and worth saying again!! Only claim once. Do not claim multiple times or you will receive 0 UVC!

As usual - submitted claims will be posted via our twitter bot @BotUvc for you to double check you claim has been received.

To claim:

UVC distribution paid within 72 hours of the close of the window.

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