Banano Basics

By simplesirup | simplesirup | 21 Apr 2020


Banano is a cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology. Which gives it some potassium powered capabilities! Banano has been around for more than two years, being born on April 1st 2018 and has been growing, expanding, and innovating ever since. Two years may seem like a long time to some but it is still a baby compared to Bitcoin, Banano’s older slower cousin, or even Nano, Banano’s older and more closely related sibling. Nano and Banano are both ultra fast, completing transactions in less than a second, they are both super energy efficient, and they are both fee-less to send and receive.

Since its inception there has been ongoing wide spread sharing of Banano, in a manner that any person that holds a private seed is able to claim some regardless of location, age, or gender. Simply download the Kalium mobile wallet, or use the BananoVault desktop wallet, to create a new wallet. Be sure to save the secret phrase or private seed and store it in a safe location so that you can always backup your wallet in the future.

There are many ways that the Banano community fairly and freely distributes Banano to the masses. If you are eager to get some Banano in your wallet and see for yourself the amazing speed of a transaction you can check out MonkeyTalks to get a sliver from the faucet. For a more fun way to gather some bunches use one of the most popular faucets, as of now, to get some sweet Bans. Black Monkey is a game that's announced on PublishOx and Discord periodically but is only open for 24hr periods so when it's open take advantage.

Banano has partnered with the Folding@home platform and will reward you for use of your computer’s processing power. This may not sound like much fun but it benefits society and scientists in research. If you don’t have a very good computer, or no computer at all, you can simply join the Banano Republic on Discord and hang out in The Jungle with all the other monkeys. There are really amazing people in this chat and there are Banano rains, an airdrop of Bananos, often. You will not be able to receive the rains immediately but hang out and contribute to the conversation or share some memes and soon you will be an official Citizen. Then you will be eligible for rains and many other contests and games that are held on the Discord chat.

Do you feel like those options are just too easy and you really want to EARN your Bans? Then BananoJobs subreddit is for you. Make sure you read the the Welcome thread for an easy way to make a potassium rich wage. These are just some of the ways you can get your paws on some Bananos. There are many updates and upcoming games, giveaways, and events that happen thanks to the continuous efforts of mods and eager community members so you should keep up with the news on The Daily Peel to get the spiel.

Banano is also available on several cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most popular is Mercatox where you can trade Nano or BTC for Banano. There is also one DEX app called ViteX that allows cross chain trading with ETH. These Banano that you acquire should be sent to the Kalium wallet, or BananoVault, that you created to protect your precious from any mishaps that sometimes occur with exchanges being hacked or exit scamming. Remember, if its not your seed its not your Banano.

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