7 Top Altcoins of February

By Notum DeFi App | Notum DeFi App | 1 Mar 2022

February was full of new projects and collaboration for us, so we want to share those sparks with you. We believe it would be fruitful for you to learn about the following projects more and maybe keep an eye on them in the future. 


1. Selfkey 

SelfKey is a blockchain-based identity platform. The technology provides people, companies, exchanges, fintech projects, and banks - with a network to handle identity data (known as KYC) within one place.  

SelfKey distributes information across the platform's nodes. It uses public and private key cryptography to limit essential data and files stored within the platform. On top of that, SelfKey has a specially-built system to enable users to immediately share their basic information like name, gender, age, or other ID data with others when it's necessary. The system prevents data leaks and stealing of identity.

 The ecosystem has its own wallet, a market, and a token with a KEY ticker. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and powers the SelfKey platform. It could be used for payments relating to listings, exchanges, identity claims, etc. The token’s current supply is more than 5 billion in circulation and a total supply is uncapped. 

Selfkey has a blog to read about their latest updates, new and future plans.


2. Woo Network

It's a comparatively young project, but it surely grows quickly and has great plans for the near future. 

WOO Network is a liquidity platform connecting traders, exchanges, and DeFi platforms through their different projects, including WOO X available for Android and iOS, Wootrade, and WOOFi. WOO Network launched WOOFi Swap, a DEX that links centralized liquidity to DeFi. They combine zero-fee trading with a deep liquidity on-and-off chain.

WOO Network is the platform's native token, and users can use it as collateral to provide liquidity and participate in staking. 

The project is widely presented in various media from Reddit to Discord, where you can follow their updates and news. 


3. Orion Protocol

The layer 2 solution empowers users access to wider, cross-chain liquidity within one place - across DEXs, CEXs, and swap pools. It provides access to the best price in the market. Orion seeks to solve the fragmentation of crypto markets, NFTs marketplaces, and assets from traditional finance by eventually gathering them in one place: Orion Terminal

ORN is an Ethereum token that runs on Orion Protocol. The network aims to aggregate liquidity from centralized and decentralized exchanges into a single platform. ORN can be used to get discounted trading fees for staking and accessing advanced features within the platform.


 4. Swipe

Swipe is a software and a digital wallet ecosystem that allows users to buy and spend cryptos at both — physical and digital locations. It has its native coin, SXP

Swipe wallets can be connected to Visa debit cards and smartphone apps, working as traditional mobile wallets. So, they have some perks for you, as well, for instance, up to 8% cashback system in Bitcoin (BTC) or a free Spotify account. 

By the way, Swipe doesn't charge fees for its debit cards. Users can stake SXP tokens to access their debit cards. The more SXP tokens users lock-in smart contracts within the Swipe network, the more benefits they get. 

To stay updated, you are more than welcome to follow their blog or one of their social media channels. 


5. LTO

 LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain application development platform extremely helpful in securing, verifying, and exchanging companies' information. The interesting point is that within the LTO, cryptocurrency tokens play a major role both technically for the network's operation and through its revenue-generation capabilities.

LTO tokens are required to pay for key LTO Network functions. There is one LTO token and three somewhat interchangeable token types that can be swapped. The token is listed on such prominent exchanges as Binance and Uniswap.

Companies can earn LTO rewards by hosting or participating in validator (Leased Proof of Stake) nodes.

One of the latest updates is that the project has released an NFT 2.0 Litepaper that aims to decentralize NFTs completely and to create a true NFT ownership via their "Ownables," which is considered to be an asset of the future. 

The LTO has a nice blog to read and reveal even more on the topic. 


6. Shinja 

SHINJA is a community-driven token that empowers users to swap facilities to the investors. It introduces a multi-chain swap (DojoSwap) across Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, and Polygon platforms.

It's a deflationary token, so it is built on Kusari Blockchain, offering multi-chain swapping opportunities over Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, and Polygon networks.

The team is currently building four global projects: Multi-chain Dex' Dojoswap', 'Kusari Blockchain' (K-Chain), Inbuilt 2FA, 'Katana Wallet' and the 'Dojoverse,' a P2E Virtual Ecosystem.

It's available for purchase on BitMartFegexHotbitLbank, and ProBit


7. Flux

Flux is the blockchain protocol and backbone of the ecosystem. It stimulates transactions, FluxNodes, resource allocation on FluxOS, and mining to help protect the chain. The platform has its own wallet called Zelcore.

FLUX is their native cryptocurrency that powers the Flux ecosystem and is used for buying resources, collateralizing nodes, and running transactions on FluxOS, giving rewards to miners for validating transactions and FluxNode users for providing computational power.


Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the crypto field is getting even wider, and plenty of new projects are growing and developing there. Diversity and a possibility to choose from is a keyword for the world of crypto. 

We've tried to spot the brightest projects of the month and to tell you about their nature and main features. 

Do you have your personal top? If so, write your own ideas in the comment section, please. Would be really great to tell about interesting altcoins in our future article! Stay tuned!✌️

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We struggled to find the best platform for crypto investing, so we've created our own. Meet a cutting-edge app to buy, swap, stake, and enter the crypto market with ease today! 👉

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