A simple way to import an offline wallet into an online wallet and send a transaction from the online wallet to a new offline wallet.

In the previous post (see [1]) we had created the offline generated on demand (GOD) wallet and sent some nano to it. In this post we learn how to import this offline wallet into an online wallet and send a transaction from the online wallet to a new offline wallet.

We go to the URL https://nault.cc


When we click on the button “Configure Wallet” we will see a screen with multiple options.


We click on the “More Options”. It will show more options.



We then select the “Import Private Key” option.


We enter the private key from the GOD offline wallet into the field.


When we click on the “Import from private key” button a form asks us to set a password for this online wallet. We set up a password.


When we click on the “Import wallet” button, our offline nano wallet will be imported into a nault’s online wallet and we will see a list of our accounts in the wallet.


As you can see, we have only one account and only one nano address is associated with this account. To see details of the account we should click on the nano address. A new window will show us details of the account and transactions on this account.


As you can see the 0.000012 XNO from freefaucet.com is now in our account.

Now, we send a transaction from this online wallet to a new offline nano wallet. First we create a new offline (GOD) wallet and get a new address (see [1]).

On the left side of the account window we click on the “Send” option. A new window will appear.


We enter the address of the new offline wallet into the field “To address” and the amount into the field “Amount”


When we click on the “Send” button we will see the screen asking to confirm the transaction.


When we click on the “Confirm send” button the transaction will be executed.

Then, we go to the URL: nanocrawler.cc and enter the new address.



We click on the “Search” button and the report will be displayed.

See this link https://utools.xp3.biz/img/nanocrawler1a.png ( I was not able to upload some images on this site).


As we can see the account is not opened yet, but the transaction is ready to be received on the new address. If hackers will be able to get into the online wallet, they will not be able to get your crypto, which was sent to the new offline GOD wallet.



In the next post we consider a simple way to create generated on demand (GOD) offline bitcoin wallet.





[1] A simple way to create a generated on demand (GOD) offline nano wallet


[2] A simple way to generate easy recoverable Ethereum private/public keys and an address


[3] A simple solution to the private key loss conundrum








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