A simple way to have a side hustle in the fields of cyber security, data protection, crypto assets protection/security

In this post we look into major problems in cyber security, data protection, etc. and opportunities for side hustles, which these problems create for smart and not lazy people with abilities to think outside of the box.

A) Modern problems:

1. 80% of businesses had been hacked

2. There are about 2,200 cyber attacks every day.

3. 60% of SMEs victims of a cyber attack close after 6 months

4. An average cost of a data breach in USA is over $9 mln and over $4.4 mln worldwide,million%20U.S.%20dollars%20in%202023

5. Many employees, even most trained, use weak or reused passwords

6. About 80% of data breaches are caused by compromised, weak, and reused passwords

7. Even high ranked executives use weak passwords

8. Small businesses are screaming for help and accept it even from students. See

9. Quantum computers soon will be able to break many old encryption algorithms.

10. $53 Million Crypto Lost to Hackers in April 2024

11. Will Quantum Computers End Crypto?

12 Governments and corporations have big problems in cyber security and data protection

B) opportunities

The first opportunity (side hustle) is very simple. You point out to your old and new clients/prospects on multiple problems that they have in cyber security, data protection, crypto security/protection (see ). If they agree that they have problems then offer them simple, secure, not expensive and efficient solutions based on DPGs. They will pay you consulting fees (which may be substantial) for the solutions. It can be done part-time or as a side hustle without any costs of opening and operating a business.

The second opportunity: offer them help in data protection using DPGs. See

The third opportunity: offer them help in crypto assets protection. See

The fourth opportunity: offer people help in proving that their accounts hacks were not their fault. See


P.S. In addition to consulting fees, you can open the second income stream from commissions for sold DPGs.

Here is an example. Suppose, that a small business wants to be sure that all 100 employees use strong, unique passwords for all their accounts to avoid credential staffing and weak passwords problems. You offer to the company DPGs as the simple, easy, secure, reliable, not expensive solution to this problem. The company buys 100 DPGs and pay you (whatever you ask), for example $5,000 for the help. 40% from $19*100 is $760. Your total compensation from this deal is $5,760.



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Simple solutions to complex problems

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