Til We Meet Again

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 17 Jul 2019

There come a time for memories to blur

Life gets a little lonely, bluer and sour

I will stay by your side forever and ever

Even if we are not together any longer



In this world we all are but a passerby

In time we got to say our final goodbye

Mine's just too soon, but please don't cry

Move on! I Ask. Life will get you by


My love, I want to leave in peace

Mourn if need be, but take a rest

My sweet babe I wish you all best

I'll be everywhere, North South East West


Think of me sometimes, but don't intend

When you do I will hug you thru the wind

This passing is mine but it's not the end

Sincerely, Your hubby, Lover, and friend.




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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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