Thirteenth Law Of Power - Ask Help In Subtle Ways

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 29 Aug 2019


When asking for help, do so in a subtle way

Appeal to people's self interest whatever you say

Never ask out of gratitude or to their mercy

For it stirs and encourage animosity and enmity


When turning to an ally for help emphasize benefit

Never bother remind him of you past assistance

This results higher possibility of negative response

And soon trigger him to break your alliance


Best to let him see what is the gaining possibility

Emphasize what he gets out of tending your entreaty

Only then will he respond enthusiastically

Without the depth of gratitude nor in the pit of mercy


Poetry Inspired - From 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Poetry Creation for the purpose of spreading wide notability of such topic.



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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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