Tenth Law Of Power - Contagion

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 20 Aug 2019


Emotional state are as infectious as disease

You can die from the misery of someone else

Weigh your options of whomever you associate

Life is about connections and people we take


The unfortunate draws misfortune on themselves

And they also draw it on you in the end

Avoid the unlucky beware to never extend

Shield yourself from the unhappy, defend!


Associate with the happy and fortunate instead

For there there is hope for yourself to mend

There, life will become easy to comprehend

This my friends is what I truly recommend



Poetry Inspired - From 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Poetry Creation for the purpose of spreading wide notability of such topic.

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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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