Eighth Law Of Power - Make People Come To You

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 20 Aug 2019


Be in control. Initiate and drive

Don't be a fool. Bait and bribe

Keep your cool. Wait to dive

When they come be ready to turn the tide


If by force they act you're in control

They'll abandon their plans to overhaul

Make your enemies come and ready the lure

Promises of fabulous gains untrue for sure


You hold the cards that sees future

The steps they take their peril ensure

The wrath of titans is in your nature

Deliver odds of their greatest failure

Poetry Inspired - From 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

No Copyright Infringement Intended

.Poetry Creation for the purpose of spreading wide notability of such topic.


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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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