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By groveguy | Sikander Raza | 22 Jan 2019

Hi All,

It is no secret that Crypto currencies have a huge potential in future but there is a very solid and long cooking list of reasons for that. It is important to know the reasons to find out the true method or at least a different perspective to measure things in detail. The reasons such as dishonesty of banks, huge bail out packages, printing the money, raising the circular debt and interest rates with a never ending hunger for more these organizations have brought us to the point of no return. Artificially they uplift it for some time but eventually in comes down to a crash and the only sufferers are the tax payers.

Today we have people switching to crypto to become their own bank to empower themselves and get rid of the tyrant system that is nothing but imposed on us. So let’s take few steps back and see the macro picture forming and have some idea what could be a good measure to find valuable crypto currencies in the market.


First Perspective:

Most of the times we see people and organizations valuing Crypto currencies on their use cases in future and how they can become next Google, Facebook, Amazon or a big fortune for a specific industry and bring along the revolution of The New World Order. For example $XRP is speculated to replace the SWIFT and provide cross border transactions with minimum time and fee taken. Ethereum is considered to be a platform for developers to develop Dapps via smart contracts which brings Ethereum to their own eco system similar are EOS and TRON. My last mention here is none other than $BTC which started it all. BTC has been painted as a store of value (Digital Gold) because of its scarcity and decentralized Governance. There are hundreds of them and GOD knows how many to come. Upon these factors mainly the values of these coins are predicted.

At the very same time we cannot forget that this new emerging market is not just another asset class but a challenge to the current system of banking and Governance. People coming into crypto can have many reasons to join the party but mainly everyone has given up on the previous system and wants to empower themselves as a core thought. Saying so don't you think that there will be a resistance because we aren't just going against banks we are also excluding the Governments out of this new order and I'm not just talking about the current remarks by prominent bankers and important figures although on the contrary if we embed this new asset form in the old system what difference would it make? Like ripple takes over SWIFT and BTC gets used as a Digital Gold to invest in? Exactly this is where we are currently standing. This brings us to our second perspective.

Second Perspective:

What if institutions don't invest in Crypto which everyone is waiting for although I know a lot of small hedge funds and institutions already did but the bigger that matter are still far. So considering the fact that Governments out of fear of losing control ban the crypto or delay the process of regulation to an extent that investors start fleeing into other markets dropping the demand to such levels that it creates such an enormous sell off that we end up to zero, what! Don’t panic it's not going to happen because of the underdeveloped or restricted/ economically sanctioned countries won’t let that happen. Just as people are fed-up of this tyrant system so are these countries like Iran. So what will it bring us to? A war with the Banks and Governments? OR A submission to them? A war with the existing system brings us to re-evaluating the cryptos that we are holding. Any crypto that has a center of gravity can be brought down easily in other words centralized systems can be taken down as their structure is just like any other company with a CEO and HOD's and employees, even if it is not based on that structure we still have their founders to look up to. System that BTC is based on i,e decentrelized can only disrupt and remain in these circumstances since there is no one to point fingers at or no company to shut down. May be one country decides to ban the mining while others welcome it and as long as it remains people in the banned countries would still able to use it not only via internet but using SMS and satellite. In these circumstances BTC would be the safest bet while on the other hand speaking futuristically it is not that scalable nor fast and has no important figure behind it to look up to or hold responsible.

What do you need to do?


Relax, be level headed and don't lock your investments into something that you believe in halfheartedly, stay open minded to new ideas and information as we live in a dynamic world. Understand the change and be with the change. I have tried to cover as briefly as I could may be in future I'll try and be more elaborative in reflecting these ideas. Have a nice day! 



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