Two Week Summary

By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 22 Aug 2020

Quick summary for the last couple of weeks.

We started with the understanding that thoughts are real forces. Your thoughts create your reality.

It's All In The Mind

The journey of awareness has begun and the following exercises will assist with the journey:

  • Observe - your thoughts at least three times a day
  • Write it down - write down your thoughts and experiences including feelings throughout the day
  • Meditate - every day for as long as you can or have time for - extend the gap between thoughts
  • Time - strive to live and think in the now
  • Food - see how food affects your mind and body
  • Weather - see how the weather affects your mind and thoughts
  • Media - have a holiday from media
  • Beliefs - look at your belief structures
  • Dreams - remember your dreams - write them down and listen to what your subconscious is trying to tell you

If you would like more details and a deeper understanding of these topics please see my previous posts for the last 2 weeks.

Starting on Sunday we begin with the planets and their effects on us.

Peace and Love

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It's All in the Mind


It's All in the Mind

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