Swagbucks Guide 2022 - EARN $70 A MONTH With EASE

Swagbucks is a GPT site where you can earn money by doing simple tasks, which can be invested back into Crypto

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First thing to note, these do work well with passive income apps such as Peer2Profit and Honeygain, where you can install them and just go with it. See my other blog post on that to maximise passive earnings -

Here's a list of simple tasks you can do to maximise earnings:

Daily Poll

Free 1SB a day, to quickly and easily answer a poll.

Games (Alu’s Revenge)

You can play Alu’s Revenge 10 times a day and earn up to 10SB. 

Playtime rewards (Passive)

If you have a spare android phone you can put that phone to work with Playtime Rewards on the Swagbucks application. Once you’re logged into the Swagbucks application, head over to the offers, and then “Playtime rewards”, click on an application the best part is, you don’t even have to play the game, just set the device to one side, to get some brilliant and easy passive income.

Daily Watch

You can start to watch the daily videos on, normally these pages are dependent on your location, but you can get anything from 1sb to 60sb depending on the number of videos that are available. 


You can currently get around 20sb per day by printing 60 coupons. This way you can get the max 20SB per day, and leave some for tomorrow, as there is only a finite amount available per day! Once clipped these SB will be credited the next working day.

Daily Search Wins

On Swagbucks, you can get rewarded by using the platform as your normal search engine, you can search up to three times a day to get SB. 


So most days at around 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm a new Swagcode will go live on the site. You can check this by installing the Swagbutton Extension (and for the first time you install it through my link, you get 100SB). 


Another high-earning options are the offer sections, so you can complete tasks from some of the lovely Swagbucks partners such as Offertoro, peanut labs, and many more!

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