I used Crypto Faucets for 7 days and made _______

Hey everyone, it’s Dan from

I’ve been really into digital currencies for around the last 6 years or so, and because of this, I have researched ways to get free cryptocurrencies… One of the easiest ways to do this is by using crypto faucets.

Crypto faucets reward you small amounts of bitcoin, known as satoshi every time you log in and normally complete a captcha. This can be anything from a few satoshis to sometimes a few pennies. In this video, I’m going to explore the best three higher-paying faucets for a week and highlight how much money I make, and how I use these faucets to their full potential. One key thing to note, I will not be setting timers and checking in at optimum times, I will be using the sites as I normally would. All links to the faucets mentioned in this video are linked in the description.

Passive Applications

Before I get into that, I would love to mention two data-sharing applications known as Peer2profit and Honeygain, these apps can be downloaded and run on PC, Mac, and Windows, and work in synergy with these faucets to provide some passive income. All you do is download the apps and log in, and you’ll earn passive income every day. 




Firstly we’ll look at BetFury. So betfury is a site that can be used to gamble, but they offer something called “Boxes” which is a faucet. Every 20 minutes you can gain 0.125 Betfury gaming token, 1.25 satoshi, and 137 of a binance satoshi by completing a captcha. The best thing about this platform is, after earning 10 betfury gaming tokens, you can start to stake your BFG for passive income. This can be withdrawn daily and the more BFG you own, the more potential passive income you can make. One thing to note is that you can use your BFG to bid up for BTC Satoshi which can be withdrawn, otherwise, BFG can not be withdrawn I’m starting this week with a total of 54.3 BFG which is valued at $1.02.



Secondly, I want to look at Cryptowin. This is a newly established Crypto Faucet, where you can gain between 1 to 4 satoshis every 15 minutes, as well as complete PTC ads! During this challenge, I’ll be using both the Faucet and PTC to maximise my earnings. I find this site is brilliant to accrue small amounts of BTC and re-invest it into the platform to earn interest (this is known as Shares). So this site offers 0.7% daily per 1,000 satoshis you invest for 180 days, which equals 1,260 satoshis after the period. There is so no limit on how many times you can re-invest your shares, and it’s a good way to earn some passive income. Currently, I have 6 active shares, which gives me 42 satoshis per day, but I also have 643 Satoshi in my account.



We’ve finally made it to the best site for faucets is Cointiply. This is more then just a faucet, as they offer PTC, surveys, playtime rewards, which I’ve done a video on before, along with much much more.

In this challenge, I’ll be running the faucets and the PTC ads, just to give you an explanation in case you don’t have access to a spare android device. One thing to note about Cointiply, if you log in every day and complete one go on the faucet, you will earn 1% more per faucet captcha up to 100%. For Example, you earn a base rate of 25 coins, if you hit this 100% you’ll earn at least 50 coins or half a penny per spin, but like most faucets, you have the chance to win up to 100,000 coins, or $100 in value. On Cointiply I currently have a balance of $7.99.



It’s been a week, please note at the time of recording the crypto market has crashed massively this week...

So I started with a challenge with 54.3 BFG, and now I’m on 78.2 BFG. Which is an increase in 23.9 BFG, and an increase of around about 17 – 19 cents, as well as an additional 2 cents from staking.

On Cryptowin I started the challenge with 643 satoshis, and I’m now 1603, an increase of 960, which is worth around $0.34. Remember I did gain a daily interest of 42 satoshis, so that means my total earnings from the faucet is 666.

and Finally, I’ve started on Cointiply with a value of $7.99 and I’m now on a whopping $9.27. Which means I’ve made $1.28 or 18 cents a day. Which I’m amazed at.




I will now be transferring the earnings to my Nexo account where I can gain up to 12% interest dependent on the coin. You can sign up below and get a cheeky $10s of BTC when you deposit $100 and leave it on the platform for longer than 30 days.

Nexo sign up for passive crypto:

But do I feel faucets are worth it…. If you have the free time and are just logging onto the app for 2 minutes every so often, It’d say definitely, but I wouldn’t spend an entire week doing it religiously, I find your time would be better invested elsewhere, such as a website, youtube or a phone farm.

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