Photography Contents - Fun And Easy Way to Generate Money From Cryptoblogging

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 12 Apr 2021

Photography is a fun hobby. There are a lot of things to talk about and to show off. Photography is one of the biggest pay out streams in hive and steem blogging. Why photography contents make big earning?


1. There will always be fresh contents

Photobloggers can make great photos everyday. It is different from writing. An active writer who produces a post everyday is a great achievement. For photographers, they can get tens stocks everyday. Though some photobloggers do not post too much in their blog, they have a lot of photo stocks.

2. Phone photography

If you do not have DSLR camera, you will not find big problem. You can use your phone to make photography collections. You just need to learn some basic theory of photography with handphone to make the best shots.

There are many aspects and themes that you can show to your readers. For me, I like to read macro photography.  l like to see some flowers, insects and other small object391391c4787015460a27acbc64774ae01d6008265c801a2c64036ff0eef816f3.jpgs. If you practice macro photography, you can use objects that are available around your house. You can go to a park, river, or other places to take some insects photos or flowers photos.

It is not stressful activities to go out with your handphone or camera. You also get benefit to get fresh air. It is a kind of work out and exercise for your body. What do you think of photography? Can you make money with your phone photo collection?




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