New Social Blockchain Platform - Competitor to Steem and Hive

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 18 Mar 2021

New social blockchain platform is born. It is called is created on dragonchain (Drgn). Here users will earn some reward system.

1. Liar

Liar is a kind of rooms where types of post is categorized. To post you need NRG or energy. Every users will earn 24 energy. NRG can not be paid out. NRG is used for posting contents.

2. MTR (Mater)

Mater token is utility token. When you post in liars you will earn MTR. The more votes is the post, the higher MTR you earn. Your NRG will be recharge every 24 hours. Your MTR is the fuel to recharge your NRG. More MTR you have more NRG you get daily.

3. LoT

Lot is liar manager token. You can propose new liar in lot. When your proposal is get more upvoted your liar will be created in the platform. As the manager of the LoT you will earn shares of MTR of your liar users.


You can trade MTR in uniswap. The price of MTR is around $0.6-0.7. The concept is new and different from current social media platform where tipping is the reward system.



Do you want to add your social folio on blockchain, join the new platform and enjoy getting social !

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