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The PsyberX - Sci Fi Based Playtoearn True Multiplayer FPS For The Fans Of PUPG, Fortnite Etc - Overview, Updates,Pre Sale, Contests & Everything Else.

By shubhwaj | Shubhwaj Personal Blog | 8 Mar 2022

If you don't know what is Psyber-X, you are missing something in life indeed.

And if you have ever been a fan of PUBG, COD, Fortnite and other FPS games, then it's even worse than just missing something.

But why, what's so great about it.

There is always a hype about every game. And what's unusual if I am trying to tag it as special, you might think.

Ask the devs and ask its community.

Every game is special, you might say.

Then I guessed you missed the soul word in this post's title. And here is how I would ridicule the conventional FPS titles that were just a sink of money and time.

The Psyber-X Kill Streak - Blockchain FPS.png

Need I still bring the bandwagon and shout in the streets to prove why this is different?

It a play2earn game based on a Blockchain and with similar mechanics and fun you tend to experience in conventional FPS. But it can make you money for your playtime. Rather than robbing you out of it.

Most the game assets will be NFTs, that you'll be able to own, earn and trade freely at primary as well as secondary marketplaces beside earning Crypto for playing and progressing in the game.

If it doesn't make you excited I don't know what will?

The Trailer Is Out

Here's the game footage released by the team at #3speak a month ago. In case you want to ensure that it doesn't look crap. Let me tell you it doesn't. At all.


Source - The wait is over. . . A glimpse into PSYBER X by @psyberx


Before you can get over the excitement of this marvel and stop jumping like a monkey. There is a lot more you need to know.

As a lot has happened since the trailer release. The native game token was already out. In addition, the presale of Psyber-X Founder Starter Kits is going on in full swing. Commercial plots, new website, baron title and multiple opportunities to earn LVL etc.

So do not bail out, I am going to cover these things in fewer words and more detail.

Oh... o less words? I'll try.

News & Updates - What Has Happened And Is Happening

The official whitepaper was released soon after the trailer.

It contains all the necessary information regarding this First Person Shooter, and also about the metaverse developers envision to build around it. Including the complete details about the tokenomics, LVL token and the possible ways players will be able to earn in this game.

So bookmark and do not forget to give it a good read . Trust me, it'd be worth it and it is not overwhelmingly long either.

Official White Paper for PSYBER X and the PSYBER X Metaverse by @psyberx

The Founder Starter Kits


The most awaited pre sale of 10000 founder starter kits began 10 days ago.

These are the limited edition founder starter kits that would be only 10000 in number forever. And contain some limited edition NFT's that you would be able to use in game.

As shown in the image above, following are the 3 NFT's you'd find in every starter kit.

  • Small Land Plot - There will only be a limited number of Alpha plots. Developers will be creating tools and items, you'd be able to use to build on your plots and create rules. Plots can be customized as per your liking, if you want it to be a safe zone, trading arena or advertise some business/token. Whatever suits you.
  • Juggernut Perk - It will give you 30% of damage reduction from the incoming fire for 15 Seconds. And you can use it again after 90 seconds of recharge.
  • No Remorse Perk - You become Invincible. No one can harm you for 3 seconds after a kill.

According to the latest update almost 700 Psyber-X Founder Starter Kits Have Been Sold Out.

The cost is bound to triple of whatever remain after the ingame market place launch. So the time is now. Grap yourself one, or even dozens. But yes around a dozen also makes you eligible for something else The Land Baron founder title.

To know more about what is it and how to buy -

Psyber X Land Sale - "Founder Starter Kits" Are Live! by @psyberx

The Commercial Plots


A commercial plot is equal to 20 land plots. You will be able to build to build a full ecosystem. Multiple services, amusement parks, community centres and the possibilities are endless.

Buying a commercial plot also fetches you a bunch of other NFTS and The Land Baron Title. There are a limited 50 commercial plot available in pre sale and last we heard from JBOSS in the discord, 20 were already sold.

Check out this, if you happen to be reading this on time. To know more about commercial plots and how to buy them.

Commercial Land Sale Info - Hive Power Up - Liquidity Pool for Hive:LVL by @psyberx

HIVE:LVL Liquidity Pool

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 3.28.47 AM.png

The above mentioned post also talks about this diesel pool. This is a Hive Engine pool where you can provide HIVE:LVL liquidity. You'll need level tokens and an equal amount of SWAAP.HIVE by value, to enter the pool and earn some level every day.

Initially, it had 1M LVL rewards, but as you can see in the image above, now it has more than 5M LVL in rewards for liquidity providers.

Here's the direct link to add liquidity, if you already have a Hive account, some liquid HIVE and LVL tokens :-

Updated Website

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 3.33.48 AM.png

The Psyber-X website is now Live and accessible at And them team is diligently working to launch in game marketplace.

You can find all the necessary info at Psyber-X website. The whitepaper, founder starter kit sale and all the relevant links to their official social accounts.

So do check out the website and I recommend you at least join Discord. As all the news, updates, contests, giveaways are shared there and you can interact with the devs and whole community and ask any questions crossing your mind.

Increasing Psyber-X Footprint On Hive With Land Sales Revenue

Along with mission to become the king of fps space. Psyber-X is also committed to expand its footprint at Hive and gradually develop the project's Hive account to an influential stake. In an attempt to grow along with Hive and drop mega upvotes at Psyber-X related content.

And that's why, 20% of the land sales revenue will be powered up in HIVE to the Psyber-X account. According to the recent update almost 7100 HIVE has been powered up uptil now.

Bridging Psyber-X with Etherum


Being the gold standard for smart contracts and the largest active development community associated. Etherum blockchain is something that can not be neglected, especially for a game looking to reach mass adoption among fps fans.

And Psyber-X isn't falling back on that front either. The wrapped version of LVL token i.e WLEVEL has been set upped and the smart contract is LIVE (0x3cEf78D3575EfEbB035375A00C4AF6e190707b97). So you'll be able to exchange and swap any ERC-20 token for WLVL.

Psyber-X Contests

You can find various Psyber-X contents happening round the month. They are a great source of bagging some LVL's and growing up your pile.

Did I tell you that holding 200k LVL's will automatically AirDrop you a limited edition Psyber-X crate every 60 days.


So no time is a bad time for accumulating more LVL's. Join Discord to remain updated and take part Psyber-X contests.

And follow @dynamicrypto, He is Psyber Demigod who keeps on hosting Psyber-X contests without breaks. Also @bobthebuilder, who can be often found coming up with innovative Psyber-X contests that will challange your creativity.

So that was all about this blockchain game. Do not forget to upvote share it with your friends. And visit the relevant links to dive deep into this sci-fi Metaverse.

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