Bugs in the Garden
Ladybug on a mint leaf

Bugs in the Garden

By TeeGee | Shot by TG | 29 Sep 2021

With lockdown restrictions being enforced over the last couple of months here in Sydney, I've had a little more time to get outside and do some gardening and general yard maintenance, it's been quite enjoyable being outside soaking up the vitamin D, keeping active and finally crossing things off the to-do list. 

In between mowing the lawn, planting herbs and all that fun stuff, I've been noticing a lot more creepy crawlies, bugs and critters getting about in the garden.

Here's are just some of the little guys I've noticed that take residence in my garden and yard.



ladybug ladybug


Native Stingless Bee

native bee stingless bee


spider spider

Huntsman Spider 

Bull Ant

bull ant bull ant bull ant


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Shot by TG
Shot by TG

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