The Biggest Global Trends in Crypto This Week



Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF Managers Bullish as Fund Begins Trading

The Valkyrie bitcoin mining exchange-traded fund (ETF) was approved to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange and started trading last Tuesday. The Valkyrie bitcoin miners ETF invest 80% or more of its company assets that earn at least half the profits from bitcoin mining activity. According to Valkyrie CEO Leah Wald, the focus and desire of the bitcoin miners to be exposed to investors prompted the company to apply to the SEC to offer the ETF. Read more

Japan’s largest bank to issue Yen-pegged Stablecoin

Japan’s largest bank by assets, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust, will issue a stablecoin as a means of payment to allow instant settlement of securities transactions. The bank plans to use blockchain technology for securities trading and stablecoin for payments. Under new legislation next year, banks and other institutions will also be allowed to issue stable coins. Read more

Russian Government and Central Bank Agreed to Treat Bitcoin as a Foreign Currency

This week, the central bank in Russia and the government have agreed on the process of regulating cryptocurrencies. Russia’s government and central bank are working on a draft law that will expound cryptocurrency as an “analog of currencies” rather than a digital financial asset which will come out on February 18. The cryptocurrencies that completed the identification through the banking system or licensed intermediaries would function in the legal industry. Read more

Apple’s Upcoming Feature Allows Merchants to Receive Crypto Payments

The multinational technology company, Apple, stated in a press release that its Tap-to-Pay feature is set to allow Apple Pay users to transact with cryptocurrencies. Merchants will be allowed to receive payments on credit and debit cards without any additional hardware or payment terminal requirement. In addition, third-party digital wallets are integrated with the feature to accept payments in crypto. Read more

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