It's a kind of magic: "Hashtag" and "Sugar and Spikes"

By mildandred | Short Films Rock! | 18 Nov 2021

Arthur C. Clarke famously said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Comparing the sets/environment of Hashtag by Ben Alpi and Jyotika Virmani, and Sugar and Spikes, a graduation project by students of SAE Creative Media Institute Dubai, shows this.

Sugar and Spikes begins with the narrator situating us: "In a world different from ours..." However, the world of Hashtag is eerily similar to that of Sugar and Spikes. For example, in both worlds, there are floating recording objects and floating screens.

Both short films have female protagonists who are isolated from the rest of the world. In Sugar and Spikes, the protagonist is isolated in the literal sense, her house being on top of a hill. In Hashtag, the protagonist is isolated, even though it seems she is surrounded by millions of people.

The protagonist in Sugar and Spikes sets up various traps to protect her family treasure. The narrator tells us that in order to protect it "she would go to any measure." In Hashtag, we also see the great lengths that the protagonist goes to, to protect her "treasure".

The beginning of the music video for Queen's "A kind of magic" can give you a sense of the world of Sugar and Spikes. There is an isolated building (an abandoned theatre), creepy, magical eyes on a hanging piece of art and floating objects.

"The bell that rings inside your mind

It's challenging the doors of time."

- "A kind of magic" by Queen.

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