Gold Farm, Brand New on BSC, 88000% APR

By Lucapelle | ShitCoins I Like | 10 Jul 2021

Brand New farm on Binance Smart Chain, called Gold Farm, I have had a look at the Masterchef and looks clean and legit.

It's also behind a 12h Timelock which is also a good sign, but don't trust me go on the dapp and check It yourself you can find all infos following the link below:

Farming starts today at 14:25 UTC, and APR will be over 88000% to begin with, but will decrease over time so get in quick! ☝🏽

Minting rate of 25 Gold each block, which is fairly high considered the supply

What I like about the project:

-It's a Panther fork with Max 4% deposit fees and 5%max set transfer tax, which helps long term linear growth and hodlers 
-Liquidity from Swap is burned and the router can’t be changed.
-1.5% anti-whale hard-coded.
-3% max wallet balance (min 1%), which prevents transfers / harvesting if you exceed this.
-Developer gets 0 rewards, which is uncommon on small farms, and sends a good message that He's not greedy or prone to soft/hard rug
-3% referral, which is a decent incentive to increase adoption and new users to come and use platform: here's my ref link


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