Earn 496% APR on you BNB

By Lucapelle | ShitCoins I Like | 20 May 2021

DeFi frenzy Is only getting started, after the latest dip, I hope you filled your bags with cheap BNB, and are thinking about putting some of them to work.


Here's Sodadefi, with a minimum stake of 0,5 BNB you can start earning immediately an APR of 455% your investment, the rewards will be credited to you in their token (SODA) which can be harvested at any time and exchanged on the dapp for BNB or placed in staking on the SODA-SODA pool which will earn you an APR of 528% your initial investment



As you can see I put my money where my mouth is and with this investment i got some skin in the game, the Dapp has an AUDIT and has been working well for me in the past month I've used It, never had trouble harvesting or exchanging SODA to BNB. 

Which is my main strategy as I want to keep loading on BNB's now that the price is low! and soda has been providing the goods so far!  


But if you're more interested on staking and accumulating soda here's something about the token:

The SodaDeFi token SODA is a BEP20 token that originally launched on Binance Smart Chain. You can store it in any wallet that supports the BSC network and send / receive SODA like any other coin.


The price of the SODA token is fixed by the contract and only grows by 0.2% daily (by 6% every month). The initial price is 0.01 BNB per 1 SODA.

The token can be obtained only through the staking procedure in one of the pools or through the referral program. You can swap SODA to BNB at any time at exchange`s section.

SODA is used to enter a lottery on SodaDeFi. Each lottery session takes 12 hours. 10% of each collection of rewards in the pools goes towards buying tickets. After 12 hours, the contract chooses the winner and pays him 90% of the game's pot.



Current APRs may not last that long, so get in quick to make the most of the early adopter advantage!

As always DYOR, this is NOT financial advice! 


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