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By SheyCrypto | SHEYCRYPTO | 2 Jun 2019

The world is gradually unravelling new ways to use Blockchain technology. While most people would easily think of cryptocurrency and finance every time the word “Blockchain” is mentioned, there is more to this technology.

Industries such as agriculture, energy and art are integrating Blockchain into their operations. Another unsuspecting player joining the bandwagon is gaming. Many projects are already picking up. Home to about two billion users and  projected growth in revenue from USD $94.4 billion to $128 billion in yearly volume by 2020, the gaming sector is truly thriving.

It is becoming ever clearer that blockchain technology is poised to disrupt the gaming world within the next few years. As Blockchain development is progressing, so does many new projects develop using this blockchain technology. Lately the rave on blockchain technology is integrating it with gaming systems for use and to allow users earn rewards for playing games. And another amazing gaming platform just launched. Arena match Gold as been developed to be the future of the gaming world. The platform provides users the ability to deposit fiat (cash) through the payment gateway partner, but with any traditional banking systems there are fees, delays and limitations that a blockchain solution would eliminate. Upgrading the payment system to support a decentralized Ethereum-based utility token AMG will dramatically increase usage while eliminating traditional fees, delays and limitations.


Arena Match is a skill-based esports gaming app that will allow gamers to bet and compete in solo Skill Challenges, daily high score leader boards, head to head matches, and Battle Royale modes for popular online games, such as PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

In these platform, funds are kept in smart contracts until the end of the game, eliminating the need for a custody agent. In Arena Match, token owners are rewarded for entering the match results in the smart contract, ensuring that the system can not be manipulated by a corrupt operator.

Arena Match Gold (AMG) is aiming to build a successful esports platform that has multiple player modes, satisfying a variety of user interests, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls faced by our competitors. Arena Match Gold will allow individuals to bet and compete in Skill Challenges (player vs. house), daily high score leaderboards, head to head (1v1 duels), team vs team and Battle Royale FFA (free for all) matches for popular online games, such as PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds), Fornite, Apex, and CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive). There are different modes to suit different gamers personality and Arena Match Gold has got that covered.

The benefits of having AMG include:

Reducing entry fees

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees

Reduction or elimination of other fees

Exclusive content

AMGold special program only

Future Products and Services


esports – a fresh out of the plastic new Frontier

The esports market is similarly new – relatively few of us do it, and no one is doing it well. while not a straightforward exchange pioneer, there's been no plan, which proposes each organization has been spearheading their own methods with blended outcomes

Constrained Opportunities

The riches chance for truly sharing in esports is by and by limited primarily to monster, expert player exclusively competitions, or to locally facilitated normal occasions.

Matchmaking Liquidity

A large portion of the esports stages that supply moment matchmaking decisions have little player bases, which infers it are frequently appallingly extreme to inquiry out elective challengers. Players commonly should sit tight in line for unforgivable lengths of your time trusting another player can appear.


Arena match goal is to create successful esports platform that has multiple player modes, satisfying a range of user interests, whereas at the identical time avoiding the pitfalls faced by our competitors, like day one player base liquidity problems.

On the player expertise facet, we would like to permit users to expertise esports in a very manner that’s most tasty to them – whether or not its through acquainted graded play, via challenge completion, or head-to-head match ups. This helps to confirm that new users will notice a mode that their comfy with, which existing users produce other modes they'll experiment with or graduate to.


Skill Challenges


On this mode, players make a bet against area match primarily based on their ability to be successful against a number of particular predefined demanding situations; the challenges are profitable sufficient that gamers will continually have a compelling reason to play.


Highscore Tournaments

Players can compete in a regularly scheduled (which include hourly, each day, weekly basis,) leader board tournaments for specific games with the sole aim of attaining an excessive rating payout. At the end of the tournament, players with qualifying excessive scores will be paid out in line with the first-rate rank they’ve finished.

3.battle Royale free-For-All: players will be able to pay entry expenses to go into pre-scheduled battle Royale matches, in which they'll compete for that match’s top positions. The gamers who rating the quality ranks will be paid out from that match’s prize pool.

Game Lineup Roadmap


Arena Match Model

The Arena Match model gives clients the capacity to store fiat (money) through its installment passage accomplice, yet with any customary financial frameworks, there are charges, postponements, and impediments that a blockchain arrangement would dispose of. Updating its installment framework to help a decentralized Ethereum based utility token AMG will drastically build use while wiping out fees and restrictions.

The making of Arena Match Gold incorporates consistently with our esports application that will be lawful in most of the United States and over 80% of the world. They will at present offer fiat stores where accessible for customary clients. Be that as it may, they go for AMG to turn into a standard token for the esports and gaming, an ecosystem upheld by Arena Match.

How it works?



Download the ArenaMatch app from Overwolf. Then create an account.


You need to connect your game account (Steam, Epic, Origins) to Arena Match – you’ll only need to do this once.

Add Funds

To play you’ll need to add funds to your account. You can deposit AMGold or Cash, don’t worry – it’ll only take a few minutes.

Choose Challenge

Choose one of Arena Match’s supported games. Select a Skill Challenge. Place a bet, then queue into game. If you win your game, you win your bet. We offer you a variety of skill challenges to bet on your ability to multiply your money if you win!

Token Details

Token: Arena Match Gold

Token Price : 1 AMG = $0.10

Symbol: AMG

Protocol: ERC-20 Ethereum Network

Decimals: 18

Soft-cap: 5 million AMG

Hard-cap: 75 million AMG

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH

Starting IEO Rate: 1 AMG per 0.0005 ETH

Token Allocation



ICO3.png Screenshot%20.png


November 2018

Concept Designs and Market Research

December 2018

Partnership proposed to Overwolf

ArenaMatch Company Formation

January 2019

$100,000 Developer Partnership Grant received from Overwolf and Intel

February-April 2019

Full-time Design and Development of Skill Challenge esports App

Flutterwave Merchant Partnership Secured

Berbix KYC/AML Partnership Secured

Omnigate Blockchain Wallet Partnership Secured

May-June 2019

Beta MVP Launch of Skill Challenge esports App with Overwolf.

Arena Match Gold token designed and whitepaper creation

IEO Announcement and Launch

July 2019

Q3 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume

Highscore Tournaments are released for all games (asynchronous mode)

August 2019

Battle Royale FFA: this synchronous free for all mode allows solo users to battle it out with up to 100 other users for the top 10 paid positions of the prize pool comprised of the entry fees.

September 2019

Head to Head (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­Strike: Global Offensive)

October 2019

Q4 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume

November 2019

Team vs Team (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­Strike: Global Offensive)

February 2020

Q1 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume



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