The Never Ending Story

By Forever Hero | Shepherd Stories | 29 Nov 2020

Feeling lonely

After Lex had fallen for Myla, I, Lana, sometimes felt myself alone. He may have thought that everything was immediately cake and egg, but that was really not true. My buddy, my companion had no eye for me anymore. No, he was not my big love, but he was certainly my buddy ... only he really did not have an eye for me anymore. What are you going to do as a Dutch girl? Right, you're looking for a friend who does have time for you right?


And WOOF, there suddenly, there he stood. He looked at me, he was staring at me. He was white, he was tough, he was beautiful, he was totally for me. His name is Rowan.


Just ONE Heartbeat

In that one moment I lost my heart to its radiant white appearance. And I knew that he liked my dark appearance. But could he also love my character? And I could love his character. Because woef say, he must be able to handle a joke, and he must also be able to take a beating. I'm just a wild lady. I do not like the soft tooth, I like playing a sturdy game and have certainly not fallen on my waffle. I bite if I do not like it, and I snarle him away from me if that suits me better. I am a lady with strokes and he must be able to deal with that.

Setting the Rules

During a first good conversation at the bank, we carefully examined each other about our feelings. That softness what Lex and Myla do is not so for us soon appeared. Like me, Rowan is a dog that loves rump and wildlife. Rowan also likes to walk kilometers at the same pace and Rowan likes to play with his teeth. But of course I made it clear to him that there is an important rule in our relationship. I have the biggest stick, I have the biggest bone, I can take away your chunks but you are NOT mine, when I am I can challenge you, but you have to leave me alone, if I want to play then you play if you want to play and I do not want to play then we do not play. And I have to say, if he keeps to those little rules then 5 years later, it is actually going to be excellent together.


Happy Times

We play together in the garden, we walk together with boss and lady-boss, we cuddle together, we cuddle with boss and lady-boss, we do something in the household. We help lady-boss clean up by shredding the object that is not cleaned up properly, then lady-boss picks up the big suction machine and sucks everything up. We call each other when a cyclist passes by, we call each other when the postman comes, we call each other when a truck arrives, well, you can just say, we have become inseparable. And again, as long as Rowan keeps to our agreements, things are going very well. For that matter, he does not mind if I deviate from the agreements.


Yes, we did find each other. My loneliness is over. We are so happy together!

I and Rowan. Rowan and I.


Thank you for reading, Woofs and Paws of Lana (and Rowan)


Originally written at in 2018. 

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