A Story from the past ...

By Forever Hero | Shepherd Stories | 27 Nov 2020

And the next story is barked by Lexxieboy!




The Beginning

Long long time ago, (well, if you are almost 16 like me, then 5 years seems to be a long time ago), I have experienced something beautiful. And that is what I want to woof to you today.

I lived with Lana and boss. And boss always hoped that I would fall in love with Lana. And I thought Lana was a pretty girl, don't get me wrong. It's a nice girl, a pretty girl, but my woof, what is she busy, and so enormously noisy! Much too busy, too bulky, and she does not look at me at all when she starts playing. She plays so hard-toothed. I could not bear that then. Hee woof, I was almost 11 years! And I was recovering from a long-term attack of my chronic illness. I Had lost a lot of weight.

And I was still grieving because my first girl Niska had just gone over the rainbow bridge, and then boss comes with Lana. Really, boss's intentions were great. He hoped Lana would take away my grief for Niska. And I really did my best. I put Lana at her ease in her new home, I went into her invitation to play, and was then snapped by her again. Do you understand those women? Anyway, I went walking with her. I really did everything. Only my sadness about the passing of my beautiful Malinois girl Niska remained dormant beneath the surface. Lana was as different as can be, comparing her to my beloved Niska!

What the WOOF?

Anyway, on a beautiful day in June, boss took me and Lana along in his car. He did that often, so that was not weird! But we went to a field, and then you must know. Boss NEVER drops the leash of my collar, and Lana certainly never walks off-leash. But that day, our boss took off our leashes. And Lana and I both did not understand. We looked at each other and were surprisingly looking at boss. What the woof? What the woof was going on?


But boss understood our surprise and went on to explain what the woof was going on. Boss had met a girl! He had told us before. And we already knew that that girl also loved dogs. Boss wanted to introduce his girlfriend to us. That explained a lot, but why did we have to do that in a closed field? And why did we have to be free? Was girlfriend so scary or something? We still did not understand it that well. Boss told me that the girl loves to photogr ... well, difficult word! Let me woof it differently! Girl had a click-clack camera! And according to boss there would be another surprise. But he did not want to say what that was. Woof!

Lana and I had become curious. And then boss said, "Look Lexxieboy and Lana, there is girlfriend!", We looked up immediately. Ready to give our opinion. But what the WOOF hey! There she was ... girlfriend! And she had MYLA MOUSE in her arms.


And seriously. What a woof ... As if I were struck by lightning. As if I saw a spirit from the past. For a few seconds I really thought I'd see my little beautiful Malinois girl Niska again. But when she put Myla on the floor, and Myla came to Lana and me, I immediately realized that it was a different girl. But woof, what a beautiful girl! Actually, I was immediately sold. Only ... well, boss had already given me a girlfriend. And that girl turned out to be pretty jealous.

As a real fury, Lana went to Myla and not much later there was a real bitch fight. But little Myla Mouse turned out not to be frightened at all and she also snapped off. Soon the ladies closed peace again and the boss and girlfriend were able to breathe a sigh of relief. The difficult moment had been.

And when girlfriend took another dog out of her car, it was settled. Because where I immediately fell in love with Myla, Lana fell in love of the white muzzle of Rowan. That taste differences may be clear again because I could not understand Lana. You do not trade me for such a white showboy, do you? Rowan liked the attention of Lana and soon decided that that busy bitch better suited him than the sweet Myla.


Well that was still sensible of him, I must admit ... because I had completely lost my heart to the little Myla Mouse. Only ... what about her? She wanted a relationship with me. Exciting times started for me. I had of course quickly made it clear to the boss that I saw Myla more like Lana. Boss wanted to help me with my mission, girlfriend also wanted to help ... so if we did not walk all together at the same time, then boss and girlfriend would take Myla along with me. And Rowan was allowed to walk with Lana.

2018-06-11%2010-42-15%20-%200036-klein.jpg DSC_7055-klein.jpg



Blooming Romance!

And yes, when boss and girlfriend went living together, Myla and I also came to live together. Hah WOOF, boss should have done that before. My grief for Niska disappeared like snow in the sun. Because the little Myla Mouse has won my whole heart and soul. She is sweet, she is caring, she is playful, she is ... well, everything a dog could wish for. She's just the one for me! And yes ... fortunately our love is mutual! Little Myla Mouse has also fallen in love with me!


It does not bother her that I'm already an older guy. She takes care of me when I have a lesser day. She plays with me whenever I want. She takes my age into account and takes care of me, and through her ... I feel young again!

I run through the grass, even if I actually can't. I push my limits and chase after her when she runs in front of me. I feel completely revived, and for the first time in years ... like Myla Muis, I can occasionally walk off-leash! If necessary, we sit around the table together to discuss what is on the woof. Where I should note, my Myla Mouse does not have the best table-manners. But it's all going great. We experience the most beautiful adventures together. And we can do a great job together!


Life smiles at me. And if I have experienced a beautiful adventure together again. And I lie down to rest from all the efforts made, then Myla comes to lie with me, and with her caring sweet character she ensures that after the effort, I can relax again. Because she knows how important relaxation is for my old body. She takes care of me and gives me a wonderful massage!


Yes, life is good for me now! after all the misery that I had to face when I was young. May I finally enjoy ... now that I am old! At 10 years of age a second chance in love is not obvious for a German Shepherd. And being able to enjoy your sweet little girl when you are 15 is actually quite exceptional for a German Shepherd.

It is special for me every day ...


It is just A True Shepherds Tale.


This post was originally written in June 2018 on steemit, 2 weeks before Lexxieboy passed away due to a stomach tilt at the age of almost 16 years.

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