Why you should invest in BANANO!

Why you should invest in BANANO!

By ShayGaming24 | Shay | 8 Feb 2020

What is BANANO?

BANANO is a cryptocurrency, rich in potassium powered by DAG technology, and as they say, it’s “here to disrupt the meme economy”. In alternative terms, BANANO is another meme coin, just like DOGE – but it’s different. It’s not like DOGE. It’s not like a lot of currencies out there on the market. This article will explain why it might actually be a good idea to invest in BANANO!

Obtaining BANANO

BANANO can be obtained from faucets, which are disguised as games. For example, the BANANO team have started hosting Black Monkey more regularly recently, which is a game where you have to try and spot the odd monkey out. BANANO care a lot about “fair distribution”, so they try and implement giving away BANANO wherever they possibly can!


BANANO can also be obtained on their official Discord server, as well as in Twitter giveaways (which take place very regularly). In the Discord server, you can earn BANANO from posting memes, or even from just being an active and friendly member of the community!

Use cases of BANANO

BANANO has a few use cases at the moment, but there is a lot of room for expansion. BANANO has many community projects running, which all give it more use cases. One example of a community project is the BANANO merchandise store, which can be found at https://banano.store/. They accept BANANO as a payment method to get 19% off an order (which otherwise would be paid via FIAT).

On top of this, BANANO can be used for a lot more – just ask around in their friendly community!

BANANO is getting a lot more uses by the second! New projects are constantly popping up from community members! BANANO can be used to participate in Discord giveaways as well. Users can purchase giveaway tickets for a chance to win the total giveaway pool. You must be a citizen to be able to participate in giveaways.


The BANANO Community

BANANO has an amazing community all over the internet! As of the time of writing this, the Discord server has over a whopping 10,000 members! Want to have a chat with the community? Anyone can hop into the jungle and talk as much as they want! (but try to avoid spamming)

Have a problem? Ask the community for help in #frankinsteins-lab! I’m sure someone will be willing to help you…

Have a secret meme-creation talent? Post your memes in the #not-so-dank-memes channel and get tipped in BANANO using the server’s unique Banano Tipbot!

After you are active (with healthy activity) for a certain period of time, you will be promoted to the “Citizen” role in the Discord server. This will allow you to get shares in rains and you will also be able to take part in giveaways.

The community are very friendly to new members – I know for a fact that the first time I joined the community, everyone welcomed me with a lot of respect and kindness! You can join using this link: https://chat.banano.cc/


Overall, BANANO is a growing cryptocurrency, socially and economically. Now is the prime time to get in on all the fun before it’s too late!

Thanks for reading my post!

Be sure to join our official Discord server at https://discord.gg/DZxsQgB, or if you have any enquiries, be sure to email me at sgaming24@outlook.com!

Send BANANO to ban_1shay3ywxq17tcain5erj1trfjodmwq8am6icixdm9hm66x5au8ewgwxakns to donate to me! All donations will be greatly appreciated.



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