Stake PHB on and earn HZN with more than 500% APY

By hgminh | sharingvaluablethings | 23 Apr 2021

PHB (Phoenix Global) is built for the enterprise, with the consumer in mind.

It rapidly develops and deploys decentralized consumer apps built to scale, and fit within the existing customer experience.

Recently, the Team create a platform for staking PHB (based on Binance smart chain) to earn HZN up to 500% APY.

To see the interest rate, you just connect your Metamask wallet (or BSC wallet) with the platform  it will shows the real rate.

Stake PHB with more than 800% APY

PHB is very cheap now, but I believe that it will not cheap any more after some months, because the total supply amount is 3 Billion tokens, and now the amount staking on is nearly a half of the total and this amount is increasing day by day. 

About HZN (Horizon), it is a new DeFi platform that facilitates the on-chain trading of synthetic assets that represent the real economy. Horizon seeks to provide exposure to real world assets risk/return profiles via smart contracts on the blockchain. Forked from Synthetix, Horizon will leverage the time-tested derivative liquidity protocol and bring interoperability, scalability and a whole new array of tradable, realworld derivative products to the DeFi ecosystem. Our commitment to the Binance ecosystem and native implementation on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offer users the speed and dependability that is currently lacking on the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, HZN price is 0,8 USDT. You can sell your HZN earned from the staking on MXC.Com, or even you can re-stake your HZN on that platform to earn more HZN as well.

Good luck to you all.




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