Stake Band Protocol (BAND) in your Atomic wallet and earn 15-17% yearly yield

By hgminh | sharingvaluablethings | 29 Jul 2020

Atomic Wallet is a well-known and leading cryptocurrencies wallet app/software that many people using to store their cryptocurrencies.

By using Atomic Wallet and store your Band Protocol (BAND) in the Atomic Wallet, use the Stake function of the wallet, you can easily stake your BAND and get the passive income from your own asset with high yearly yield at 15-17% .

It is very easy to stake Protocol withAtomic Wallet

1. Firstly, you transfer your BAND to BAND wallet address in your Atomic Wallet!


2. Secondly, click on Staking menu and select BAND from the list.


3. Thirdly, enter amount of BAND you want to stake, enter your wallet password to confirm.


You have done it! And now you can easily claim your yield whenever you want by clicking on Claim button as it reach the minimum limitation for claiming.

Enjoy your passive income with crypto staking, enjoy usingAtomic Wallet!

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